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Last updated: 7 August 2009
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Rituals - the habits of Devotional Sex

Chapter 11: Rituals and Ceremonies
List of rituals
Rituals are the habits of Devotional Sex - those activities which are done at a regular time in the same way.

Some of the following rituals may be practiced by many Devotees, others by only a few. As with all the ideas on this site, please ignore what is not to your taste.
Sleeping nude

Sleeping nude encourages and celebrates sexuality and sensuality as a natural part of life. It makes sex and Blissettes easier, and turns every cuddle into a sensual skin-on-skin experience.

Sleeping in the nude every night feels great, and is highly recommended for all couples who practice Devotional Sex. (More)
Cuddle rituals

A cuddle ritual is when a couple enjoy an in-bed cuddle every morning, every bedtime, or both.

Enjoying a cuddle every day builds and maintains a deep intimate connection between the couple. Hence making a daily cuddle a normal part of your life is highly recommended. (More)
Massage rituals

Part of being a Princess is enjoying sensual pleasures such as massages. To ensure that such pleasures do not get forgotten, a Princess can set up a massage ritual whereby she enjoys a foot or body massage at the same time each week. (More)

The Ritual ritual

The Ritual command enables a Princess to receive oral sex whenever she wishes, and for as long as she wishes.

A Princess can decide that she wants to enjoy some Ritual in a regular way at a regular time. Both knowing that this will happen in this regular way can be a powerful Devotional Sex ritual. (More)

Blissette rituals

A Blissette ritual is when a couple enjoy a few minutes of sexual activity in a regular way at a regular time. For example, a Princess could decide that every Sunday morning she will give her Knight a few minutes of oral sex.

The feeling of this ritual will differ greatly depending on what activity is done, and how often. Implementing a Blissette ritual can even effect the overall feel of the couples Devotional Sex dynamic. (More)
The Knight clean-shaven pubic hair ritual

A Knight keeping his pubic hair clean-shaven is the private symbol that he is a Knight. (More)

Communication rituals

Good communication is an essential part of practicing Devotional Sex. One way of ensuring that things to get talked about is to implement a communication ritual on a weekly or monthly basis. (More)
Practical rituals

There may be some practical things that a Princess would like her Knight to do on a regular basis so that their Devotional lifestyle runs smoothly. Setting up a practical ritual ensures that these things get done. (More)

List of Enhancement rituals

Chapter 13 presents some enhancements to Devotional Sex. 
The linked page is a list of rituals derived from some of these enhancements.

As these enhancements are a bit more adventurous and kinky than the ideas presented on the rest of the site, these will not be to most people's taste. But the more adventurous may find some of these rituals exciting and fun.
Chapter 11: Rituals and Ceremonies
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