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Last updated: 24 January 2012
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Rituals - the habits of Devotional Sex

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Sleeping Nude

Sleeping nude encourages and celebrates sexuality and sensuality as a natural part of life. It makes sex and Blissettes easier, and turns every cuddle into a sensual skin-on-skin experience.

Sleeping in the nude every night feels great, and is highly recommended for all couples who practice Devotional Sex.

Many couples in a `normal´ relationship experience sex and sensuality in bed only a few times each week. For these couples, most mornings and evenings remain chaste. Wearing bedclothes most of the time while in bed means that any casual cuddles miss out on the extra sensuality and intimacy that is enjoyed when skin touches skin.

Devotional Sex is very different because a
Knight will usually be feeling at least some erotic energy every morning and every bedtime.
If his Princess also feels some erotic energy then she may decide to enjoy some sexual activity.

"Reading the suggestion here, and after discussing it with my Princess, I've now converted to a nude sleeper as well. She likes how it causes me to cuddle more to stay warm ... When I sleep nude with her she gets skin contact, my tool to play with, and absolute devotion; a win-win!"
scooter.salomon, forum post, 3 January 2012
When a Princess does not want any sexual activity her Knight's erotic energy makes him want to at least enjoy a cuddle. As a result, couples who practice Devotional Sex engage in much more touching and cuddling than most `normal´ couples.
A story of Susan and Sam waking up in the morning and, even though Sam becomes aroused, enjoying no more than a sensual skin-on-skin cuddle, is here.

How many people sleep in the nude?

What percentage of adults sleep naked? I doubt we will ever know.

The people who probably have the best idea are the makers of
pajamas. I would love to see a graph showing sales per head of population for each year over the last 50 years. Not only would this show how sales have declined, it would also show when the biggest changes took place. (Please contact me if you find such a graph!)

What is certain is that sleeping in the nude is fairly common. But most people don’t talk about it.

I am sure that if you asked your friends what, if anything, they wear in bed you would get a few surprises!

Sleeping nude as shown in film and TV

Apart from sex scenes, almost every time a movie or TV program shows a couple getting into or out of bed they are wearing something.

What we see on film and TV can influence our ideas of what is normal, especially in areas which are private in real-life. Our film and TV has, unfortunately, created the impression that everyone wears clothing in bed.

Whether or not nudity is shown on screen is influenced by the process of filming and how the viewer will react to what is shown. It is much easier to avoid shooting a nude scene, and seeing an attractive actor nude on screen will titillate many viewers.

So instead of showing the reality that many people sleep in the nude, our film and TV takes the easy way out and almost always shows people wearing some clothing in bed.

If we had to undress in front of a camera crew, and our nudity would be seen by thousands of people, almost everyone would wear clothing in the bedroom. But as our bedrooms are private it is silly to act as if we are being filmed.

Nudity in film and TV is discussed further in Chapter 2: Vanilla Sex,  here.

The joy of sensual skin-on-skin cuddles

The skin is our largest sensory organ, and a nude cuddle stimulates our whole body. There is the body-to-body contact at the front, and the arms and hands of our partner on our back. A skin-on-skin cuddle is one of the nicest ways to enjoy touching and being touched. While it is mainly a sensual pleasure there is, of course, a sexual aspect.

Couples who wear bedclothes at night may get into bed naked if they plan to have sex. If they are already in bed when the urge strikes they might only partially undress. For these couples a skin-on-skin cuddle will not happen very often, and then only as part of sexual activity. They miss out on the sensual pleasure of enjoying a nude cuddle without sexual activity.

Devotional Sex does not just change how a couple enjoy sex - it changes the way each partner feels towards the other when they are not having sex.
One of the biggest changes is that the Knight's constant erotic energy means that when sexual activity does not happen he still wants to feel connected with his partner and at least enjoy a cuddle. So a Devotee couple are likely to enjoy lots of cuddling without any sexual activity. Sleeping nude makes these cuddles feel much more sensual and special as they are now all skin-on-skin cuddles.

Nude cuddling builds intimacy and connection, and is very addictive.

Many couples who practice Devotional Sex will decide to practice a
cuddle ritual and thus enjoy at least one nude cuddle every day!

Sleeping nude benefits sexual activity

Just like a `normal´ couple, a couple who practice Devotional Sex are likely to enjoy several sessions of full sexual activity each week.

But, unlike most `normal´ couples, they are also very likely to have a few other mornings and bedtimes when they enjoy just a few minutes of sexual activity before getting up or going to sleep. These Blissettes are one of the joys of Devotional Sex.

Sleeping nude makes it much easier to enjoy this extra sexual activity. (More)


Strange at first

For someone who has always worn bedclothes the first few times you sleep in the nude will probably feel very strange - you will feel naked in bed! But fairly quickly - later that first night or after a few nights of sleeping naked - the strangeness will wear off, and sleeping nude will start to feel natural and normal.
The first few cuddles with your partner when you are both nude but there is no sexual activity might also feel strange. But it soon becomes liberating to enjoy such sensuality often.

Once you are used to sleeping in the nude, if for some reason you have to spend a night wearing bedclothes, you will most likely feel that this is constraining and unnatural - almost as strange as having to wear clothes in the shower.  

Because sleeping nude eventually feels so normal and natural, many people also sleep in the nude when they are alone.


Practical matters and exceptions

There are some practical things that can be done to make sleeping in the nude easier, and there are also some exceptions to always sleeping nude. (More)

Always nude Knight

Though I recommend that couples who practice Devotional Sex sleep in the nude, there will be some women who will not want to do this.

What can work well in this situation is the Princess making a rule that her Knight must always sleep in the nude.

This is not as good as both sleeping in the nude because you miss out on skin-on-skin cuddles. But it does mean that the Princess has easy access to her Knight, and his being naked whilst she is wearing something will remind them both that he is her Knight.

You can discuss or ask questions about sleeping nude here at the Devotional Sex Forum.

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