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Map of Chapter 12: Other People

Introduction (Main Page)
Talking about Devotional Sex with other people
Being a loving couple when with friends
Attraction outside of your relationship
Discussion group for the above topics
Devotional Sex activities with other people
Everything is fully consensual
Everything has a touch of Tantra
Communication and limits
The activities
Informal fun with friends
A Devotional Sex party
Being watched - putting on a Devotional Sex show
A couple with a Devotional Friend
Knight swapping and lending
A Devotional Sex Club
A Devotional Hotwife
Devotional Sex Orgies
A Cuddle Orgy                             A Sex Orgy
A Joy Orgy                                  Agreeing to take part
Room set-up                                 Starting the Orgy
Making Things Happen                  During the Orgy
Knights being able to say "pass"    Same-sex interactions
Group celebration of Tantric Devotion
Safe sex
Discussion group for activities with others

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