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Last updated: 3 January 2010
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Devotional Sex with other people

Devotional Sex activities with other people   |   Chapter 12: Other People
Being watched - putting on a Devotional Sex show
Some couples will find the idea of being watched as they have sex very exciting.

Many people are curious about the sex lives of others. If given the opportunity to watch a couple have sex, a few people would take it.

This section is about how a Devotee couple who would enjoy being watched while having sex can make this a reality.

A Devotional Sex show is a couple enjoying full sexual activity while they are watched. 

A show may include the full mix of sexual activities, or it may be just one or two activities. As always within Devotional Sex, the Princess decides.

The couple performing the show may become lost in the sexual pleasures of their activities, or they may remain very conscious that they are being watched.

Unless arranged otherwise, those watching take no part in the show and just enjoy the fun of watching.

At a Devotional Sex Party things don't go as far as full bedroom activities, and what happens stays in a social setting. At a party there can be the teasing that makes you want to go into the bedroom, but even though this may lead to arousal, normal conversation can continue.

So a Devotional Sex show is very different from a party because with the show full sexual activity takes place.

Given the mild nature of a Devotional Sex party compared to a Devotional Sex show, you might expect that it would be easier to find some people to enjoy a party with than to find someone to watch a show.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about a Devotional Sex show is that I think that any couple who would like to perform a show would be able to find a willing watcher. It might in fact be easier to find someone to watch a show than to find someone to join a party.

If performing a show is a fantasy, this is one fantasy that is fairly easy to make real!

As will all Devotional Sex activities, a Devotional Sex show can only happen if everyone consents.


The fun of being watched

Why might you, or someone else, think it would be fun and exciting to be watched having sex?  (More)

The fun of watching

Why might you, or someone else, find it fun to watch a couple having sex? (More)

Arranging for a show to happen

The reason that it is probably fairly easy for you to arrange to make a Devotional Sex show happen is that it is very likely that someone you know would like to watch! (More)

Selecting who to ask

There are some people that you should never ask, and some who might be the obvious choice. But you may well find that the person who says "yes" is not one your obvious choices. (More)

Making the proposal

Once you feel confident about what you would like to do, it can be surprisingly easy to broach the subject with some of your friends. (More)

Explaining what is involved

Just like with fishing, if your potential watcher gives your proposal a nibble, the next step is to see if you can reel them in to become your watcher. How you explain what is involved with a show will influence their response. (More)

Setting up the room

Giving some thought to how you set up the room will make you feel more comfortable as you perform and will enhance the show for your watcher. (More)

Demonstrating Devotional Sex

Practicing Devotional Sex changes the way a couple engage in sex. So when a Devotee couple put on a Devotional Sex show, their sexual activity will be very different from that seen on most porn films and from the way most couples have sex.

Part of the fun of putting on a Devotional Sex show will be that the Devotional Dynamic will be enhanced by being watched, and a Princess may enjoy demonstrating her power and the mutual benefits of Devotional Sex to the watcher. (More)

Doing the show

A Devotional Sex show will be more fun to perform and better to watch if things are done a bit differently from if you were alone. (More)


If the watchers want to be watched

If you are performing a show for a couple, your show may inspire your watchers to want to put on a show for you. (More)

Group activity

A pure Devotional Sex show does not include any group activity. This is an important restriction because some people will only want to do a show, or watch a show, if they know it will not lead on to other activities.

But if everyone involved wishes, there is no reason why a show cannot lead to some group activity. (More)

Doing a show with another person

A variation on a Devotional Sex show is if, instead of the show being the couple having sex together, just one of the couple take part and they do a show with another person.

The partner not taking part then gets to watch their partner put on the show. (More)

Giving the watcher power over what happens

A powerful variation on a Devotional Sex show is for the Princess doing the show to give the watcher(s) power to direct the action of the show. This variation may be fun for the couple putting on the show, and it enables the watcher to become more than just an observer. (More)
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Devotional Sex activities with other people   |   Chapter 12: Other People
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