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Last updated: 8 June 2008
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13: Enhancements

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Open Communication
Being adventurous in your sex life requires effective open communication with your partner.
Good communication with your partner is essential within Devotional Sex. Lots of open communication is required when a couple first explore Devotional Sex. A good understanding of your partner enables you to find the right mix of activities and use of Princess Power to both enjoy living as Devotees.

The open communication is also needed when adding any enhancements. If you both openly talk about what you like
about an enhancement, and what you do not like, your better understanding of how your partner feels will enhance the experience.

It can make a big difference to the experience of trying an enhancement if you both not only talk about what you like, but why you like it.

For example, a Knight who enjoys feeling under his Princess's power may have no interest at all in wearing women's clothes. But being told that when they go out to a restaurant together he must wear women's panties might be very exciting for him because having to do this makes him feel very much under her power.

A Princess might have little interest in an actual enhancement, but very much enjoy the effect it has on her Knight, and the way this alters the feeling of other things that they are doing.

For example, making her Knight wear a butt plug during a session in bed is likely to very much change the dynamic and feel of all the other activities enjoyed during that session.

It is easy to agree to try an enhancement if you both like it.

More difficult is deciding what to do when one person is very keen and the other is either neutral or dislikes an

You will have a much more interesting and varied sex life if you can agree that "I'll give your favorite new idea a go if you give my favorite a go."

While doing an enhancement that you are not particularly keen on will not be satisfying in itself, you might still find great satisfaction and enjoyment from making your partner happy. 


Princess Power can be used for a Princess to try any idea she wants as long as it is within her Knight's limits.

If she is interested in trying an enhancement she needs to first clarify with her Knight whether the enhancement is something he is willing to do.

If he is willing to do it, his Princess can now make him do the enhancement whenever she wishes, even if he is not keen on the idea. His saying that the enhancement is within his limits is his giving prior consent.

Note that the Princess must always ensure that her Knight is wanting to remain her Knight, so if she wants to enjoy an enhancement her Knight does not like she will have to ensure her Knight gets some other rewards another time to make up for it.


If a Knight is particularly keen on an enhancement which his Princess is not so keen on, doing the enhancement can be a way for her to keep him enjoying his role of being her Knight.

Her reward for doing the enhancement will be the many pleasures enjoyed at other times with her Knight.
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