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Eating his own cum

For some men, being made to eat their own cum would be a powerful way of proving their submission and devotion to their partner.

Men who still feel very submissive just after they ejaculate may be willing to prove their devotion this way just after they have cum.

But many men who are excited by the idea of eating their own cum while they are aroused, will instantly change their mind as soon as they ejaculate. The solution to this dilemma is for the man to eat his own cum while he is still aroused. This section shows how this can be arranged.
This section presents many ways for a man to eat his cum, and presents a special new way - the Devotional Massage - which works perfectly within the dynamic of Devotional Sex.

Some men are excited by the idea of eating their own cum, and even more so by the idea of being `forced´ to do so by a dominant woman. This page is not about feeding this fantasy, but about exploring how a man being told to eat his own cum can be made a reality.

Devotional Sex removes the need for the women to be dominant, and creates a mutually satisfying dynamic between a non-dominant Princess and her obedient and devoted Knight. Though this dynamic mainly focuses on intimacy and sexual pleasures, kinky activities, including having a Knight eat his own cum, can then be added to spice things up.

Men particularly interested in this and other kinks, but whose partner is not interested, may find that
practicing Devotional Sex with their partner may be a way to eventually gain their interest.

Most people who practice Devotional Sex will not want to practice this enhancement. But those adventurous enough to try it may find it an extremely powerful way for a Knight to show his devotion to his Princess.

Devotional Sex is fully consensual, so this enhancement can only take place if both partners are willing.

Other practices that involve the eating of sexual fluids

What do most heterosexual men think about eating, or just tasting, male and female sexual fluids?

When their partner gives them oral sex, most men like it if she swallows their cum at the end. So a woman eating her partner’s cum is a common and normal part of many people's sex lives.

Some men love the taste of a woman's juices, and enjoy this aspect of giving their partner oral sex. Some men do not particularly like the taste, but are still willing to give their partner oral sex. So a man eating a woman’s sexual fluids is also a common and normal part of many people's sex lives.

Many men are turned on by watching a woman enjoy tasting her own juices (and also like the idea of a woman enjoying another woman's juices). This may not happen very often, but many men find it sexy.

For most heterosexual men, the above scenarios are just a normal part of sex.

The one scenario involving eating of sexual fluids that is missing from the above list is a man eating his own cum ...


Nothing special

A few heterosexual men will consider that eating their own cum is nothing special.

If a man finds it easy to eat his own cum, and doing so does not generate strong feelings, then this will feel like just another normal sexual activity. If this describes your attitude, you do not need to read the rest of this page. (You might like to look at the other enhancements to find something you will find special.)

But for most heterosexual men the idea of eating their own cum will not feel like just a normal sexual activity.


A taboo act

For most heterosexual men the idea of eating their own cum feels taboo.
Of course bisexual and homosexual men may enjoy, or at least be willing, to eat another man's cum. They may therefore not consider eating their own cum to be taboo.

As this site is about Devotional Sex, which is a male-female interaction, this page is mainly about the possible feelings of heterosexual men.
It is strange that the act of a heterosexual man eating his own cum feels so taboo when the other three ways of eating sexual fluids described above are such a normal part of many people's sex lives.
I am sure some female readers will be wondering what all the fuss is about. If many women are willing to swallow a man's cum, what is the big deal about a man eating his own?

On the other hand, some women, even those who sometimes swallow their partner's cum, may find the idea of a man eating his own cum so disgusting that they are unwilling to even consider this enhancement.

And it is not just inexperienced women who may find the idea of a man eating cum disgusting. I have a friend who has worked as a prostitute for over twenty years, and even with all her experience she finds this disgusting.
From the perspective of many men, eating their own cum is a big deal.

It is either such a big deal that this is something he will never agree to do.

Or, because he feels this act to be taboo, it is a big deal even if he is prepared to do it.

It is not necessarily a bad thing that this act feels taboo. Doing something which feels taboo is much more powerful, exciting, and fun than doing something which feels normal. So the fact that it feels taboo is what makes doing this feel like a significant sexual adventure.

The rest of this page is about making this taboo act a reality ...

A woman talking about this with her partner

A man's wish to engage in a particular sexual activity is often influenced by his level of erotic energy. When his erotic energy is very high, some activities which before were undesirable can become very exciting.

Men who are excited by the idea of eating their own cum are often also into orgasm denial or ejaculation denial. Because these practices mean that the man cums less often, their cum seems more special, and the idea of eating it more desirable.

As discussed in the section on exploring the edges of a Knight's limits (in Chapter 5), it is best to only talk about more extreme and edgy enhancements when the Knight is aroused and has very high erotic energy.

Practicing Devotional Sex means that a Knight will often have high erotic energy, and so it should be easy to find a time to talk about these enhancements.

Note that a Princess who does not want to have her Knight eat his own cum can still enjoy talking about this activity with him. She can feel relaxed talking about activities that she never wants to do because her Princess Power means that she decides what does and does not happen. So if she does not want something to happen it never will (unless she changes her mind).

It might be fun for her to find out whether or not her Knight would be willing to do this for her.

And if her Knight is willing, she might find it fun to let him believe that one day she might make him do it.
If a very aroused Knight says that eating his own cum is not within his limits it will never happen (unless his Princess can get him to change his mind). This is because Devotional Sex is fully consensual.

When the Princess desires it

One reason a Princess may enjoy the idea of her Knight eating his own cum is that this might make her feel very powerful and special. As it is good for a Princess to feel this way, this enhancement may be lots of fun for the Princess to try.

Eating his own cum is likely to be challenging for the Knight. So another reason a Princess might be tempted to try this is to see if he can meet this challenge and prove his devotion to her.

Sometimes Devotional Sex feels more like equality than the Princess having power over the Knight. But Devotional Sex does require a Princess to control some aspects of the dynamic, and if it is to work properly her Knight needs to feel that her power is real. So another reason a Princess might want to make her Knight eat his own cum is to strengthen her Princess Power.

A Princess who wants her Knight to eat his own cum might find that, when he is very aroused, he is willing to do this.

Convincing a reluctant Knight

If her Knight is very reluctant, a keen Princess could work on a long-term strategy to get her way.

As this strategy would be part of their Devotional Sex life, a patient Princess is very likely to eventually succeed. (More)


When the Knight desires it

Most men who want to eat their own cum probably do not expect to enjoy the taste.

Instead they will want to experience the strong submissive feelings which arise from having to carry out this taboo act.

The ejaculation denial component of Devotional Sex increases the intensity of the Knight's sexual feelings. Part of the joy of ejaculation denial is that the Knight enjoys feeling that he is under his Princess's power. A Knight may feel that having to eat his own cum would take his submission to a new level.

So a Knight who asks his Princess to `make´ him do this act is really asking to be allowed to show his devotion, and to increase the sense that he is under his Princess's power.

His feelings of submission will be much stronger if he feels that his Princess is making him do it.

So if a Knight suggests carrying out this act to show his devotion, his Princess should take control and make him feel that she is now in charge.

This might not be too hard to do because although her Knight is seeking the submissive feelings this act produces, he will probably still find actually eating his cum a big challenge. So even though the suggestion might have been his, in the end he will probably need to be `forced´ to do it.


Eating his cum immediately after ejaculation

The obvious time to make a man eat his own cum is immediately after he has ejaculated.

Men who feel submissive even after they have just cum will be able to `enjoy´ this act. If this applies to you ... have fun!

For many couples who practice Devotional Sex, however, the Devotional Dynamic will be powered by the male’s high erotic energy. A Knight who needs high erotic energy to power his submissive feelings loses all desire to be submissive when he loses his erotic energy after ejaculating. What was an exciting fantasy when he was highly aroused suddenly becomes a disgusting act that he does not want to do

A Princess making her Knight do something edgy when he is highly aroused can be lots of fun for both partners, and strengthens the Devotional Dynamic. But trying to make the Knight do something edgy when he has no erotic energy will not be fun for him, and rather than building the Devotional Dynamic it may make him lose interest in being a Knight. In this case, trying to make the Knight eat his own cum just after he has ejaculated will not work.

The solution is to make him eat his own cum while he is highly aroused ...


Technology and planning

How can a man eat his own cum while he is still highly sexually aroused?

Fortunately technology and some planning can help.

All a Princess needs to do is to have her Knight ejaculate in a condom, or onto some cling wrap. This is then put in the freezer.

Many days later, when her Knight once again has very high erotic energy, the cum is taken out of the freezer. 

Instead of asking a Knight to eat his own cum just after he has ejaculated (which for many men is almost asking the impossible), the Knight is now asked to eat his own cum while he is very aroused.

Eating his own cum has now become possible.

Enjoying an aroused Knight just after he has eaten cum

One big difference between a Knight eating fresh cum (from having just ejaculated) or eating cum which had been frozen, is the level of his erotic energy afterwards.

It is a key part of Devotional Sex that a Princess controls when her Knight can ejaculate. If she wants a quieter time she has her Knight ejaculate a few days earlier than usual, and if she wants to enjoy having a very horny Knight she makes him last a few days longer than usual.

Having a Knight eat his own fresh cum means that for the following few hours (or days) her Knight will have lower than usual erotic energy due to him having just ejaculated.

Part of the fun of being a Princess is being able to enjoy a sexual adventure which gets her Knight very aroused, and to then end the session without allowing him to ejaculate. For both a Princess and her Knight, ending an adventure with a Devotional Cuddle (just a cuddle, but with the Princess gently holding her Knight's erection) will feel much more intimate and devotional than having the Knight conked out and flat from having just cum.

If a Princess wants her Knight to eat his own cum, and also wants him to maintain his high erotic energy, then even if her Knight is willing to eat fresh cum, the only way he can eat cum and still remain aroused and horny is for him to eat frozen (or defrosted) cum.

So even if her Knight is willing to eat fresh cum, a Princess may want to have some frozen cum waiting in the freezer.

Ways to eat his own cum

It is up to the Princess to decide when and how her Knight will eat his own cum.

If a Knight is willing to eat his own cum immediately after he ejaculates he will eat it where it lands. Hence it is up to his Princess to decide where and how she wants him to ejaculate.

If the Knight is only willing to eat his own cum while he is very aroused, then a Princess can either make him eat a cum ice cube, or it can be defrosted first.

Fresh, frozen, or defrosted, the cum can also be placed on her torso, breasts, his or her hand, or her Pleasure for him to lick off.

For additional information about ways for him to eat his own cum, click More.

The Devotional Massage

A Devotional Massage is when a Knight massages his cum onto his Princess, and after giving her a massage, licks her clean.

Of course it is the Princess who chooses which part of her body will receive this special beauty treatment. The dynamic and feel of a Devotional Massage will be very different depending on where on her body she has chosen.

Out of all the ways a Knight can be made to eat his own cum, a Devotional Massage fits best with the philosophy of Devotional Sex.

Receiving a Devotional Massage is likely to make a Princess feel very special rather than dominant. And because, having asked for such a massage, she can just lie back and enjoy her Knight's hands and then mouth on her body, she does not need to act or feel dominant while she is enjoying this treat.

For the Knight, giving a Devotional Massage is more about worshiping his Princess and showing his devotion to her than about being dominated.


As eating his own cum is likely to be a very powerful act for a Knight, it is important it be followed by some appropriate aftercare.

For many it may be what happens afterwards that provides the most depth. (More)

A very devotional evening

A very devotional evening would be for a Princess to enjoy having her Knight give her a Devotional Massage in the early evening (with frozen cum so that he remains horny).

She could then enjoy spending the rest of their evening together with her Knight in Affirmation (she is dressed while he is naked).

When they go to bed the Princess need only say "Ritual" to have her Knight give her oral sex.

And once she has enjoyed an orgasm (or two) she could end the evening with just a Devotional Cuddle.

Neither would feel that they had missed out on anything as both would know that less is sometimes more, and that there will be plenty of opportunities for other activities in the next few days.

The Princess would go to sleep feeling relaxed and very special.

Her Knight would go to sleep feeling very much her Knight, and though he would still feel horny, he would feel thankful that his Princess had arranged such a powerful evening. He would also be very much looking forward to the next adventure...

Having fun with the possibilities

A Knight being made to eat his own frozen or defrosted cum is only possible if there is some cum in the freezer.

A Princess who is unsure whether or not she will ever make her Knight eat his own cum can still enjoy the power over him that the possibility that she might one day make it happen gives her.

So, whether it is the Knight's idea to one day be made to eat his own cum, or he is reluctant but willing to perform this act, it can be fun to make the idea a possibility for the future by the Princess making her Knight store some of his cum in the freezer.

This also means that if a Princess suddenly gets inspired to, for example, enjoy a Devotional Massage, then it can be done that day.


A regular part of a Devotional Relationship

Because a Knight does not ejaculate very often, a Princess might decide that her Knight will always have to eat his own cum before he is allowed to ejaculate. This would then become one of the couple's Devotional rituals.

Having a Knight eat his own cum on a regular basis is covered further in Chapter 11: Rituals and Ceremonies, here.

His eating his own cum when dating

When Devotional Sex is practiced during dating, a Knight never ejaculates when with his date.

But with some forward planning his date can still have him eat his own cum to prove his devotion to her. Doing this during dating would be even more powerful than doing it within a relationship. (More)

His eating his own cum when with a friend

Devotional Sex enables friends to enjoy erotic and sensual fun together without ever going all the way. A key part of this is that he Knight never ejaculates when with his friend.

But as with dating, some forward planning will enable a Princess within a Devotional Friendship to have her Knight eat his own cum when with her. (More)

Reader comments and discussion

Chapter 15 has some reader comments about eating his own cum.

You can discuss, ask questions about, share your experiences of this activity, or suggest improvements to this page, here on the Devotional Sex Forum.

List of Enhancements

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