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Last updated: 13 January 2011
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Eating his own cum

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His eating his own cum when dating
A Knight being made to eat his own cum while Devotional Dating is something very few couples are likely to do.
As emphasized in the main section on Eating His Own Cum, a Knight having to eat his own cum can only happen if the Princess wants to make him do this and it is within the activities that her new Knight is willing to do.

But for couples where both are interested, this powerful activity fits in very well with the idea of the Knight proving his devotion to his new Princess.

A man having to prove his devotion during courting

In old style courting a man would woo the lady of his interest. She would deliberately lead him on to challenge him so that he could prove that he was worthy. Then, one day when she felt that he had proven himself, she would surrender to his advances, and the couple would have their first sexual activity.

When using Devotional Sex for dating the first sexual activity can start much sooner (even on the first date), but how far things go only progresses slowly.

For example, when using Devotional Dating it is recommended that the first few times a couple go to bed together they do not go as far as Joy (intercourse). Not only does this establish that other activities (such as giving the Princess oral sex) are enjoyable and important, it means that when the couple do have Joy for the first time it feels very special.

So with Devotional Sex, rather than the man proving his devotion before any sexual activity, he proves his devotion during the couples first sexual activity.
When Devotional Sex is used for dating, a Knight never ejaculates when with his date.

A major part of enabling Devotional Dating is that the Knight is not allowed to ejaculate when with his new Princess.

This helps establish the Devotional dynamic within their new relationship, and makes their practice of Devotional Sex feel normal for that relationship.

Of course it also has both the Knight and his new Princess wanting to get to the stage where he is allowed to ejaculate when with his Princess.

When using Devotional Sex in forming a new relationship a major step forward is moving from Devotional Dating to a Devotional Relationship. The main difference between these two is that the Knight goes from not being allowed to ejaculate when with his Princess (but being free to decide himself when he will cum when he is not with her) to only being allowed to ejaculate when his Princess says.

Once a couple form a Devotional Relationship they will both enjoy times when the Princess has her Knight ejaculate while with her. Of course she decides how and when.

As the couple started their dating with the Knight not being allowed to ejaculate, the Princess will now be used to ending sexual activity without her Knight ejaculating at the end. And so most sessions will still end without the Knight being allowed to ejaculate.

The other part of the Knight's commitment to his Princess when forming a Devotional Relationship is that he will no longer ejaculate when he is alone (unless he has special permission from his Princess).

Hence restrictions on when a Knight may ejaculate are key to Devotional Dating and forming a Devotional Relationship.

For couples interested in having the Knight eat his own cum, this act can become a powerful rite of preparation before forming a Devotional Relationship - before he is allowed to make cum while with his Princess he must first show that he is willing to eat his cum for her.

Freezing some cum for when they are together

With some forward planning his date can still have him eat his own cum to prove his devotion to her.

As the Knight is not allowed to ejaculate when with his Princess during Devotional Dating, if he is to eat cum while with her this will have to be cum that has been frozen.

If the Knight is willing to eat his own cum, then when Devotional Dating a Princess can ask her Knight to freeze his cum when he next ejaculates.

Even though he will not be with her when he does ejaculate, he will very much have his Princess on his mind when he does cum, and he will be very much be thinking about whether or not she really will have him eat his own cum, and if she does, how she will make him do this.

With some cum in the freezer, the Princess is now able to have her new Knight prove his devotion whenever she feels that this would be a fun thing to do.

A very powerful act during Devotional Dating

Eating his own cum during dating would be even more powerful than doing it within a relationship.

A Knight having to eat his own cum with his new Princess will feel even more powerful and significant because he is not allowed the pleasure of ejaculation when with his Princess.

It also is a very powerful way of a Knight who is wanting to move into a Devotional Relationship to prove his devotion to his new Princess.

Devotional Dating couples who practice a strong power dynamic (similar to that of a BDSM Mistress) may find that it works best to have the Knight be made to eat his own cum with the Princess very much dominating her Knight.

But as Devotional Sex celebrates female erotic power within a gentler dynamic (a Princess does not need to be a dominant woman), a Devotional Massage would be a very befitting way of having a Knight prove his devotion to his new Princess.

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Eating his own cum
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