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Last updated: 18 January 2011
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Eating his own cum

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Ways for a Knight to eat his own cum 

It is up to the Princess to decide when and how her Knight will eat his own cum.

How a Knight is made to eat his own cum is up to the imagination of the Princess and her Knight.

Though fantasy is fun, the main purpose of this page is to assist readers to choose a way that is both fun and doable in real-life.

A Knight who needs to be highly aroused to eat his own cum will find that only a few of the ideas on this page are suitable. In fact some Knights may find that nothing on this page suits them, and that they would prefer to show their devotion by giving their Princess a Devotional Massage.

A Knight who is very submissive even when he is not aroused may be able to enjoy most of the suggestions on this page.

Which ever way is chosen, a Princess must remember that this act will be very powerful for her Knight, and thus it is important that she provides appropriate aftercare.


Discussing how, and writing a list

A Princess can have fun talking about this practice with her Knight.

She can discuss with him which methods would be most fun for her Knight, and which would be most powerful but still be within his limits.
To get the conversation started, a Princess could ask her Knight to write down two `easy´ methods of eating his own cum, two `moderately challenging´ methods, and two `very challenging but doable´ methods. (Of course, she could tell him to write down more or fewer methods).
If you come up with an idea which is not included on this page, please either post it on the Devotional Sex Forum or send me an email so that I can add it to this page to share with other readers.
The best way for a Knight to ensure that a particular method is both fun and doable is for him to make that judgment when he is in the relevant situation.
For example, he might wonder if he could eat his cum off his Princess's feet while giving her a foot massage, assuming he was aroused at the time. Next time he is aroused while giving her a foot massage he could ask himself "Could I eat my cum now?"

Alternatively, he might wonder if he could eat frozen cum in a restaurant. The next time he is at a restaurant with his Princess he might realize that what was an exciting idea when he was aroused back at home would not be possible for him to do in real life.

Even if a Princess already knows that she is going to choose one of the easier methods, it might be fun for her to find out what her Knight would be willing to do. So it is recommended that if she asks her Knight to write a list, she asks him to include on it both easy and more challenging methods.

And it would certainly make the Devotional Dynamic feel stronger for the Knight if he were forced to think about how far he would be able to go in reality, and to have to tell this to his Princess.

Note that the Princess does not need to talk with her Knight about what she would like. This is because, within the limitations of what her Knight is willing to do, she turns her fantasies into reality.

Eating fresh cum

If a Knight is willing to eat his own cum immediately after he ejaculates he will eat it where it lands. Hence it is up to his Princess to decide where and how she wants him to ejaculate.

The two most sexual places for a Knight to cum are in his Princess’s Pleasure and in her mouth.

When a Knight has just cum after taking part in Joy, a Princess only needs to say "Ritual" to have her Knight lick her clean.

If a Princess makes her Knight cum with a Desire Kiss, she could then kiss her Knight on the mouth immediately afterwards and pass the cum back to him as they kiss.
When a Princess knows that her Knight is willing to eat his own cum after he ejaculates she can always surprise her Knight by such a kiss. This would very much change the feeling of ejaculating in her mouth, because even if she swallows most of the time, he will never know when there might be a kiss and he will be the one who must do the swallowing.

Less sexual, but more domineering, is for the Knight to have to eat his own fresh cum off his Princess's body.

The feeling of eating cum off his Princess's body will differ greatly depending where on the body his cum is placed.

Of course it is up to the Princess to decide which part of her body he should cum on. Her breasts and buttocks are both very sexy places for this to occur.

If he is told to cum on her feet, then eating his own cum will be combined with a foot kiss. And if he cums on her bottom, this can be combined with a bud kiss.

The domination aspect of having to eat his own cum is enhanced by having to eat it out of her hand.

A less sexual and even more dominating method involves the Knight having to cum in his own hand, or into a glass or onto a plate.

If he is told to cum onto a plate, the plate could then be put on the ground and the Knight told to lick it up without using his hands.

As well as making him eat his cum where it lands, a Princess could have him cum onto his own belly, and she could use a spoon to scrape it up and feed it to him.


Eating frozen or defrosted cum

If the Knight is only willing to eat his own cum while he is very aroused, then a Princess can either make him eat a cum ice cube, or it can be defrosted first.

Defrosted cum can be placed in all the areas described in the section above.

One new possibility when his cum has been frozen is for him to eat it while it is still frozen.

If the Knight has to eat a cum ice cube, his Princess should decide whether or not he is allowed to crunch and swallow quickly, or if he must let it defrost in his mouth first.

If he must keep it in his mouth till it defrosts, a Princess could make him keep it in his mouth until she says he is allowed to swallow.

A Princess might decide to have an extremely intimate kiss with her Knight where they pass the frozen (but starting to melt) cum back and forth into each other’s mouth as they kiss. If this is done during a Devotional Cuddle (a cuddle where she gently holds his erection) she will feel the effect on her Knight of this powerful and intimate kiss, as the state of his erection will make clear what he is really feeling.

Frozen cum can also be placed into food or drink.

The cum could be placed into some food in such a way that if the Knight eats the food quickly the cum is not that noticeable. This is one of the easy ways for a Knight to eat his own cum. Even though this method minimizes the taste and texture of the cum, the emotional impact on the Knight may still be very strong.

The frozen cum could also be placed into food or drink in such a way that the taste and texture of the cum are not avoided. This method will be more challenging for the Knight.

If frozen cum is wrapped up so that it remains frozen for a while, it can be taken outside of the house so that the Knight must eat his cum in public.
A Knight could then be told to eat his own cum while the couple are, for example, sitting in the park.

It could also be taken to a restaurant and put into his food at the restaurant.
While it would probably be fairly easy to put it into the food without other people noticing, the powerful dynamic of him having to eat this food might become sufficiently obvious for other people to notice that something `different´ was happening. But of course they would have no idea what. If only they knew!
I suspect that defrosted cum would not taste as good as fresh cum.

One way that the defrosted cum can be made to taste better is to mix the eating of it with strong sexual activity.
If the Princess puts the frozen cum into her Pleasure and lets it melt there, it would be a very sexual act for her Knight to lick it out of her Pleasure. The cum would be mixed with her juices, and this act might be fairly similar to eating fresh cum.

Adding a condiment to the cum

Another way to make defrosted cum more palatable is to mix it with a condiment. The effect would be very different depending on the condiment chosen (eg mustard, jam, or chocolate sauce).

If the cum is to be frozen then the condiment can be mixed in before freezing. This would give the frozen cum a very different flavor.

One very effective way to make the cum more palatable is to mix it with an artificial sweetener (eg Splenda) before freezing. This keeps the taste of the cum but makes it sweet.

All the methods described on this page can then be used to eat the condiment flavored cum.
How one reader combined using an artificial sweetener with frozen cum to enjoy an intimate kiss with his partner is presented in Chapter 15 here.

A more devotional way to eat his own cum

There is one other way of a Knight eating his own cum which fits Devotional Sex so well that I have given it its own name.

The next page presents the Devotional Massage ...
You can discuss or ask questions about ways to eat his own cum here at the Devotional Sex Forum.

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