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Last updated: 16 October 2010
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Female-Led Relationship (FLR)

Chapter 1: Introduction   |   Outline of Devotional Sex

Female-Led Relationship   |   Chapter 13: Enhancements
Female-Led Relationship and Devotional Sex
A Female-Led Relationship (FLR) is when the female is the leader and ultimate authority in all aspects of the relationship. So as well as controlling all sexual activity she has control over the finances and can have her partner do all the housework.

This type of relationship is suitable for strong women who enjoy being in charge. Clearly it also requires a male who wishes to please his partner in all aspects of their lives.

Devotional Sex is not the same as a female-led relationship.

Most couples who live in a FLR do not practice Devotional Sex. And as standard Devotional Sex only gives the Princess power over sensual and sexual activities, most who live Devotional Sex do not go as far as a full FLR.

But Devotional Sex can be expanded to become a FLR and so there is also much in common.


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You can ask questions about and discuss the similarities and differences between Devotional Sex and a female-led relationship at the Devotional Sex forum here.

What to look at next

If you a new to this site and want to learn about Devotional Sex, see the Outline of Devotional Sex in Chapter 1.

Expanding Devotional Sex to become a FLR is for those already familiar with Devotional Sex and interested in the Princess taking control of all aspects of the relationship.

Adding Devotional Sex to an existing FLR is for those already in a FLR and interested in exploring Devotional Sex.

And A man using Devotional Sex to start a FLR shows how a man who has a non-dominant (or not bossy) partner may be able to use Devotional Sex to
establish a dynamic which, though perhaps not providing everything he wishes, is something that his partner also enjoys
List of Enhancements

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