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Last updated: 15 April 2011
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Enhancements to Devotional Sex

Chapter 13:  Enhancements  |  Open Communication

List of Enhancements

The common activities within Devotional Sex are all presented in Chapter 9: Living Devotional Sex.

Activities presented in Chapter 9 include Sensual Pleasures, Erotic Fun, Affirmation (the Knight being naked with his dressed Princess), and the many commands a Princess can use to direct the action (including the Ritual command by which she can receive oral sex whenever and for as long as she wishes).

The optional enhancements listed below are the kinkier additions to Devotional Sex, and as such they will not be too everyone's taste.


Adding some theatrical flair to some of your Devotional Sex interactions can add some fun and spice. (More)

Chivalrous Acts

The Devotional Dynamic can be carried into normal life by requiring the Knight to perform chivalrous acts. (More)

Using chance to decide activities

Using chance to determine what adventures you will do can be fun. It can also provide a way of sometimes doing something more extreme than usual. Chance can also be used by a Princess to provide a challenge to a charged-up Knight. (More)


Having one person wear a blindfold is a very effective way of changing the dynamic. (More)

Bondage - tying your partner up

Some mild bondage, either in the living room or the bedroom, can be lots of fun. (More)


Light to moderate spanking can be enjoyed as much for the theatrics as for the sensations. (More)

The Knight wearing panties

This enhancement can be fun and powerful for a Princess not because she likes the idea of the activity, but because of the response and reactions of her Knight when he is made to do this.

This activity is possibly the most fun and powerful when the Knight is not into cross-dressing. Of course it can also be done with a Knight who enjoys cross-dressing.

The Knight wearing other female clothing

As with the Knight wearing panties, the obvious time this might be enjoyed is with a Knight who enjoys cross-dressing. But lots of fun can also be had with a Knight who has no interest in cross-dressing, and who has to submit in this way to the whim of his Princess. (More)

The Knight wearing a special item when in public together

When out in public together a Knight can sometimes be required to wear a special item. This can be even more powerful if wearing the item is given a special meaning.

The Knight can also be made to wear an item all day, including, for example, while he is at work. (More)

Special dress when in private

Sometimes having the Knight dress in a special way when together in private can add some theatrics and spice to the Devotional activities. (More)

Princess wearing a corset

Wearing a corset can make a Princess feel elegant or powerful. Both she and her Knight may find this very erotic and enjoy the feelings that it evokes. (More)   

Princess not wearing panties

A Princess may find it sexy and erotic to sometimes not wear panties when with her Knight. This can be a powerful tease for her Knight. (More)   

Body Kiss

A body massage becomes much more sensual and intimate when the hands are replaced by the mouth. (More)   

Foot Kiss

Using the mouth to pleasure a foot is very sensual and intimate to receive, and can be strangely arousing for the Knight. (More)

Desire Play with her feet

A Knight likes to have his Desire played with. This feels very different when instead of using her hands to play with him a Princess uses her feet. (More)


An easy way for a Princess to dominate her Knight is to sit on his face. (More)

Penetration Toys (for her)

Penetration toys can be used just for fun, as a powerful tease to a Knight, or when a Princess wants to enjoy penetration and her Knight is not hard.

As Devotional Friends never go as far as Joy, a penetration toy can be used when the Princess wants to enjoy some penetration, but does not want to become Devotional Lovers with her friend.  (More)

Bud Kiss

Giving oral sex to the Bud can be very special for couples willing to do this. (More)

Fingering a Knight's Bud

A very effective way for a Princess to give extra stimulation to her Knight while she is giving him some Desire Play or a Desire Kiss is to finger his Bud. (More)

Butt Plugs

Having a Knight sometimes wear a butt plug during other activities can significantly alter how the Knight feels. (More)

Bud Joy

A Princess who enjoys receiving anal sex can enjoy this activity as part of Devotional Sex.

As she decides when and how it will happen, her receiving anal sex need not be a submissive act. (More)


Pegging: Strap-on Bud Joy to the Knight

Some Devotional couples may find it a very powerful experience for the Princess to sometimes use a strap-on dildo to give her Knight anal sex. (More)

Eating his own cum

For some Knights, being made to eat their own cum would be a powerful way of proving their devotion to their Princess.

Knight's who still feel very submissive just after they ejaculate may be willing to prove their devotion this way just after they have cum.

But many Knights who are excited by the idea of eating their own cum while they are aroused, will instantly change their mind as soon as they ejaculate. The solution to this dilemma is for the Knight to eat his own cum while he is still aroused. This section shows how this can be arranged. (More)

Pleasure Kiss during her period

If both are willing, a Knight giving his Princess a Pleasure Kiss during her period can be very intense and pleasurable for both. (More)

Crest Control

A Princess who wishes can take full control over her Knight's Crests (his orgasms without ejaculation).

He will then not be allowed to Crest without permission, and he can easily be trained to Crest upon command. (More)


Knight Power - reversing the power dynamic

Knight power is when a Princess sets a period of time during which she will obey her Knight's instructions.

Reversing the power dynamic enables a Princess to enjoy feeling submissive, her Knight to enjoy feeling dominant, or it can be done just for a change. (More)


Play punishment

Play punishment is when the Knight likes the idea of his being punished. Usually punishment (either play or real) is not part of Devotional Sex. But a couple who both want to add play punishments to their activities can do this. (More)

Extended Princess Power

Normal Devotional Sex restricts Princess Power to only the sensual and sexual parts of a couples life.

If both are wiling, the Princess's power can be extended into one or two other parts of the couple's life. (More)

Female Led Relationship

A Female Led Relationship is when the female controls all parts of the relationship. In these relationships the male usually does all the housework and the female usually has control over the finances.

This type of relationship is suitable for strong women who enjoy being in charge. Clearly it also requires a male who wishes to please his partner in all aspects of their lives. (More)


Publishing erotic photos

It can be fun to take erotic photos of yourselves. For some it may be very exciting to share these with the world by publishing your photos on the Internet. (More)

Publishing a Devotional Sex blog

Communication is important within Devotional Sex. One way a Princess might have her Knight tell her his thoughts and feelings is to make him keep a diary which she can read at her leisure. This diary could be published as an blog for all to read.

A Princess could also write and publish a blog. (More)

 Your interest in an enhancement may be an entry to Devotional Sex

If you would like to enjoy one or more of these enhancements, but your partner is not interested, then trying Devotional Sex with your partner may be a way to one day gain their interest. (More)

Comments, questions and discussion

The Devotional Sex Forum is the place to comment on, ask questions about, and to discuss the contents of this chapter. Guests can read the forum, but you must register to become a member of the forum before you can post.

Each chapter has its own discussion group, and the discussion group for this chapter is here.

If the topic you wish to discuss is there, please post in that topic. Otherwise click 'New Topic' to start a new discussion. Eventually each enhancement will have its own thread.

Please keep all discussion of the enhancements within this discussion group. This enables those not interested in these kinkier activities to enjoy reading the rest of the forum without having to read about kinks that they do not like.

If you think of another enhancement to Devotional Sex please feel free to suggest this on the forum. If I think your idea fits this site I'll add it to the above list.

And if you have great success using an enhancement, you could post a real-life story which I can add to Chapter 15. I am sure other readers would love to read about how and why it works for you.
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