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Last updated: 18 July 2011
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Chapter 13: Enhancements

This chapter presents many ideas which you can use to enhance your sexual and sensual life.

The enhancements presented in this chapter are a bit more adventurous and kinky than the ideas presented in the earlier chapters. As such, many of the ideas will not be to most people's taste.

You may not like any of these enhancements. That is OK because
everything in this chapter is optional. You can still enjoy a fulfilling Devotional Sex life without exploring any of these optional extras.

When it comes to enhancements to Devotional Sex, one person's trash is another person's treasure. So do not be put off by the ideas that are not to your taste - just keep browsing and see if you can find some treasure!

If you do find one or more enhancements that you like, their more adventurous nature means that they may be some of the more powerful things you do within your Devotional lifestyle.

Playing with powerful feelings can be lots of fun!

Some of the enhancements are mild versions of BDSM activities. More extreme, full-on BDSM activities are discussed in the next chapter, BDSM and Devotional Sex.

Open communication
Being adventurous in your sex life requires effective open communication with your partner. (More)

Fully consensual

Devotional Sex is fully consensual, so the practice of an enhancement can only take place if both partners are willing.

In particular:
  • If a Princess never decides to try an enhancement it will never happen, and
  • If an enhancement is not within the limits of what her Knight will do, a Princess cannot make him try it. (More)
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