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Map of Chapter 13: Enhancements

Introduction (Main Page)
Open Communication
Devotional Sex is fully consensual
List of Enhancements
Chivalrous Acts
Using chance to decide activities
Bondage - tying your partner up
The Knight wearing panties
The Knight wearing other female clothing
The Knight wearing a special item when in public together
Special dress when in private
Princess wearing a corset
Princess not wearing panties
Body Kiss
Foot Kiss
Foot Desire Play
Penetration Toys (for her)
Bud Kiss
Fingering a Knight's Bud
Butt Plugs
Bud Joy
Pegging: Strap-on Bud Joy to the Knight
Eating his own cum  
Pleasure Kiss during her period
Crest Control
Knight Power - reversing the power dynamic
Play punishment
Extended Princess Power
Female-Led Relationship (FLR)
Publishing erotic photos
Publishing a Devotional Sex blog
Your interest in an enhancement may be an entry to Devotional Sex
Comments, Questions and Discussion  -  Discussion group for this chapter

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