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Map of Chapter 14: BDSM and Devotional Sex

Introduction (Main Page)
BDSM as an entry to Devotional Sex
A gentler, less kinky, and more loving and romantic style of FemDom
A happy full BDSM-style FemDom couple
A Mistress with a non-submissive partner
A woman wanting to use only mild female erotic power
A man who enjoys
male orgasm denial / ejaculation denial
A man who wants only mild male submission
A man who enjoys strong male submission and has a non-dominant partner
A man who wants to do a BDSM activity but has an unwilling partner
CFNM - Clothed Female Naked Male
An overview of BDSM and FemDom
The philosophy of BDSM
The different types of FemDom
How many women practice FemDom?
Why BDSM is so extreme
Why I think milder BDSM should be encouraged

Devotional Sex compared to FemDom
BDSM Activities and Devotional Sex
Strong punishment
Heavy Bondage
Male Chastity
Ruined Orgasm

Meeting a new partner via BDSM
A Princess searches for a man             A Knight searches for a woman
Comments, Questions and Discussion            Forum discussion group for this chapter

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