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Last updated: 2 January 2016
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Reader Feedback

Chapter 1: Introduction   |   Chapter 15: Real-Life Experiences and Stories 
Below is some feedback from readers who are enthusiastic about Devotional Sex, who find the concept too different, and from a few who don't like it all.

Rather than putting my favorites at the top each section has the most recent feedback at the top going back in time to my oldest feedback at the end.

You can quickly and anonymously send me your feedback via this survey at PollMill.

Enthusiastic feedback:

Since a few weeks we practice Devotional Sex at her request. She is radiating since we do it. She really is my Princess and I feel very good to be her devoted Knight.

Message to me on Tumblr, 31 December 2015
Thank you so much for being so devoted to encouraging good, loving, nurturing, satisfying sex. I didn't realize I was searching for something to explain to myself and my love what I wanted till I found your site. So empowering - so rewarding!

Comment from New Zealand made in my Oral Sex survey, 11 December, 2015
Ladies, If you've never tried "devotional sex" you haven't lived.

Tweet by @DominaHEELena, 4 October, 2014
I have been looking for this all my life. This concept is amazing and would change many relationships for the better.

Anonymous post to my Tumblr, November 2013.
I have spent about the last two hours reading your website. I am blown away that you have created something like this. What a beautiful gift! I can feel the depth of emotion and intimacy that sharing Devotional Sex can create between a man and a woman. Your descriptions of your experience with Ada are very vivid, and you have given me a lot to think about.

SacredDancer, female, 51, USA, via email, 28 January 2012.

And the next day she wrote:

Devotional Sex is a beautiful technique that is very empowering and healing for women. It creates exquisite closeness and intimacy between partners whether they are friends, dating, or in a relationship. It turns the traditional male / female sexual dynamic on its head. I would even dare to say that it is revolutionary in its approach to sexuality, hearkening back to certain historical periods when women and the feminine principle were truly honored and revered.

What a fantastic site - the
whole concept really resonates with me. I am surprised that there aren't thousands of links to this, this should be shouted like great news!

ian_new_knight, male, excerpts from this post on the Forum, 5 January 2012.
... When i found your site i was like "oh my god. he just summoned up everything thats in my mind and named things that i didn't name before". So thank you for giving my desire a name - Devotional Sex.

Male, on my Tumblr Photo Blog, 28 December 2011.
Another new fan of Devotional Sex.  ...  Being new to your site, I have much reading to do to get up-to-speed with all DS offers. At this point in time, I finally see DS as something I can talk to my (hopefully future) Princess to without her feeling like I left the planet. I really love happy women ...

Grey, male, Colorado USA, excerpts from this post on the Forum, 23 December 2011.
Just stumbled on your blog and website. You are right-on-the-mark for what I've been looking for. I have much reading to do and hope to spark interest in my partner soon. Many Thanks!

Male, on my Tumblr Photo Blog, 19 December 2011.
After a very long time I've found something that sings to my soul and my soul hears it. I thought maybe I was a Sub with Dom traits but when I read about the Devotional Sex dynamic I finally' made sense' to myself. Thank you.

Female, on my Tumblr Photo Blog, 7 December 2011.
I found your website a couple of weeks ago and have not been able to stop reading. I am very close to introducing my wife to the idea of Devotional Sex but am still a little nervous. Maybe reading some of your stories would help. Thank you for all your hard work.

Male, on my Tumblr Photo Blog, 5 December 2011.
I stumbled onto the Devotional Sex (DS) web site and read it for hours. Thanks for putting so much effort into it Michael!

We spent a week trying some of the concepts of DS and it was fantastic! My Princess took to it pretty quickly, very easily telling me when she wanted things to end. Meanwhile, she usually only orgasms once per week and was now getting an orgasm almost every day ...

We also spend time morning and night in a cuddle and I do find these times have helped us grow closer.

If anyone is using Viagra you can throw it away and try DS instead because you will be horny like never before.

Steve, male, 48, Northern California USA, excerpts from this post on the Forum, 29 November 2011.
I looked at your site yesterday and I've been reading about the Devotional sex lifestyle. I love it!

It is a brilliant idea and i love the words that you use for things :)  You are brilliant my friend, brilliant!

Domme Heather, female, 19, Michigan USA, via FetLife, February 2011.
For me Devotional Sex comes the closest to describing an ideal sexual relationship.

The real-life and fictional stories on your site are both erotic and heartwarming.

Further, I think you've done a great job picking out the words you've chosen.

Knight Brian, male, 40, Alabama USA, via FetLife, February 2011.
Have just discovered your website, spent two hours browsing, and would like to thank you for having put so much time and energy into it.

I think it is potentially very user friendly, and has lots of new insights , even for more seasoned D/s couples.

Mystress Eve, female, England, via FetLife, February 2010.
I found your site today and I'm enjoying it.

One thing I like is that it encourages a loving, caring relationship with husband and wife. Another is that it does not assume that everyone will like or enjoy the same thing, nor should they have to.

My wife and I already do some of the fun things you mentioned. We gradually started doing the Knight / Princess thing on our own.

It has been a win / win thing for added variety in our sex lives. It makes her hot for me to treat her like a Princess, and because it is so adventurous and different, it makes me hot.  It can be lovingly circular.

JS, male, 50, August 2009.
Many, many thanks for creating your thoughtful Devotional Sex FetLife group.

I stumbled across it. Read all the posts. And then surrendered many hours of my evening reading your website.

It was quite intoxicating.

The very next evening that I can afford scant sleep will find me again perusing its pages.

I'm new to the Femdom journey. I've ordered a ridiculous number of books, spent countless hours on FetLife as well as other sites.... all seeking something to match my vision of dominance. Your site has come the closest to how I perceive my power.

So, my thanks. I think you have much to teach me.

Female, via FetLife, July 2009.
I just wanted to say how lovely it was to discover your website today. Over the last year I've been lucky enough to have found the most wonderful relationship with a warm and loving Knight just as your website describes. I have sent him the link to your site and I know he won't be able to believe that there is someone out there that has been able to so eloquently capture the warmth and intimacy (not to mention fun) of devotion.
I like everything about your website. It's tone, graphics, layout. Other websites have been hopelessly inappropriate for what we have, now I have found one that fits perfectly. Thank you so much.

Female, July 2009.
I'm very pleased to add my thanks to those of my Lady, who contacted you a few days ago to offer congratulations on your Devotional Sex website. Since she pointed me in your direction, I've visited the site so many times as it describes and approaches so closely the wonderful warm world of love we already share.
The trust, desire, respect and shear fun that we have so closely matches the aims you recommend others reach for. Roles in any relationship evolve, and it's uncanny that my Lady found in your site descriptions of a way of loving that we had already moved towards and developed for ourselves.
So once again, thanks for all your hard work and for toiling to develop such a comprehensive website, a breath of fresh air compared to all the dreadful, extreme Femdom/BDSM shockers out there. Reading your information, I keep thinking "Hey, that's my Lady and I, we do that."
Please, please keep up the hard work.

Male, partner of the previous entry, July 2009.
I've just started reading the web site & am impressed so far.

Male, posted on the Devotional Sex Facebook page (since killed by Facebook), July 2009.
All I got to say is wow what an interesting concept and site. Long story short I have been reading this every free minute I have for the last three days.

People can easily use this to bring their relationship closer. To me it's so much more than just sex. It's intimacy in pure form.

Male, excerpt from a series of emails, June 2009.
Wow. This is heaven sent! I will read all there is on the subject.

Male, via FetLife, June 2009.
I find the concept very interesting. Some of the ideas are very appealing to me - especially from a FemDom perspective. I find the most rewarding aspects of being a Mistress are coaxing, encouraging, training and reciprocating pleasure. Your website seems to focus on this almost exclusively.

The language is intelligent but easy to follow.
I also like the look of the website.

I find the personal stories the most alluring as I can see how real people are applying this practice to their lives. In the Ada and Michael Blog I love the way they both anticipate each others needs and seem to get genuine pleasure from relaxing and pleasuring each other - not concentrating solely on receiving pleasure themselves. In my experience these are the most rewarding of relationships - mundane and BDSM alike.

After absorbing myself in your site I had a mind-blowing session with a submissive and was very impressed with how many things from Devotional Sex I could apply to my practices.

SharpSins, female, 20, Canberra Australia, March 2009.
This is a terrific site. You have done a lot of thinking and planning. Congrats.

slave t, male, early 60's, Ontario Canada, March 2009.
Amazing site, very interesting technique, enjoyed reading it...and it strangely attracts me. Actually, it has hit a raw nerve as my main pleasure has always been giving pleasure; not expecting in return or necessarily my satisfaction. A very rewarding site. I shall read more.

Male, 46, a bisexual Dominant, Melbourne Australia, March 2009.
I loved your site. My spouse whom I've been with for many years naturally exudes Princess Power. We are not FEMDOM, but I can barely remember a time when I haven't done Pleasure Kisses prior to Joy and I'm not complaining.
Right back when we first met, she was adamant about stopping intercourse when she wanted. It was never tantric but she would always eject me once she was finished. yes it frustrated me but (I know it sounds corny - it seems that I was a Knight without knowing it). I guess I am different in that way to a normal male but this became the norm, although calm-down cuddles would certainly be most welcome. Ejaculation has always been a privilege.

I don't want to babble on but I look forward to further additions that you make. Keep up the good work.

Male, Australia, November 2008.
Great work, really good, please keep it up. I have been interested in and practicing this type of thing on and off for a number of years, now it is being formalized as a genre by your site, well done.

Male, UK, September 2008.
I showed your business card around at a party and it generated huge interest! I think you're on to something here. I had a good read of the website myself and to be honest with you it's made me feel a lot more secure about my own sexuality. Look forward to reading the updates : )

Female, 34, Melbourne Australia, 2008:
Some find the concept too different:

I have had a look at your website, and think it sure sounds interesting. However, I think the general (primarily) male population would not agree to the concept - at least not for more than an experiment. Perhaps if they are really in love with their Princess (or in anticipation of a more serious relationship), otherwise I find that people generally don't want to deprive themselves of what they believe is "the best" part of sex. And we all know it is VERY hard to get someone to even consider changing their mind - people are too set in their ways.

Female, 44, Melbourne Australia, 2007.
Negative feedback:

You push your kink on women FORCING them to receive "your devotion your way"...I call that humping my leg & trying to convince me I enjoy it. This has NOTHING to do with my desire, it has to do with how you want to be serviced to the point you push this "revolutionary dogma" on unsuspecting vanillas. If this was actually working you would be in a stable long term marriage not trolling bars & the net for women you can convince to service you all while claiming they are in charge.

theRose4U in a discussion on here, December 2012.
Princess Ada said "She's crazy. I wasn't forced and I enjoyed my time as a Princess."

I doubt @DevotionalSex could seem any more skeezy if it tried.

Tweet from maymaym, San Francisco USA, who calls himself
a "sexual freedom activist", December 2011.

I did look at the website and to be honest there are so many things bad about it I don't know where to start.
From a layout point of view: all the colorful divider bits between paragraphs are annoying.
From a content point of view:  lots of it is unfinished so there's really not much point reading it.  All the chidish (sic) terminology used is just ...... childish.  The writing style is laughable.  Perhaps it's written for people who are so boring they don't get lots of interesting sex but I won't be referring anyone I know to it because I'm sure they are having all kinds of cool sex already.

Female, 41, Melbourne Australia, 2008.

You can comment on the above feedback, or write your own feedback, here on the Devotional Sex forum.

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