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Last updated: 11 January 2012
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Real-Life Devotional Sex

Outline of Devotional Sex   |   Chapter 15: Real-Life Experiences and Stories

List of Real-Life Stories and Blogs

These stories are all true, though some of the names have been changed.

As we tend to write about memorable rather than everyday experiences, these stories are mainly about doing something new, or more extreme, or more intense than usual.

Whilst most stories are written by the Knight, many of the stories include some comments by the Princess. These comments make a big difference as the reader gets to know what both the Princess and her Knight are thinking and feeling.

As with the illustrative fictional stories, these real-life stories do not contain lots of body part descriptions. Instead the stories focus on what happens and the feelings of both the Princess and her Knight. I hope this makes these stories erotic without being pornographic. (More)

Ada and Michael                Devotional Dating & Devotional Relationship

Ada's first experience of Devotional Sex - This is an amazing success for both Ada and Michael. It shows that when an experienced Knight dates a vanilla women it can lead to some amazing Devotional Sex even on a first date. If this story were fiction if might feel unrealistic - so this is a case where truth is stranger (and lots more fun) than fiction. (6 pages)

Blog of Ada and Michael - A Blog capturing the Devotional Sex activities of Ada and Michael over a four month period. This Blog captures both the amazing highlights and the routine aspects of how our Devotional Sex life developed over this period.  (22 pages)

Sandra and Michael           Devotional Friends    

Foot Massage and Kiss, and then a long Pleasure Kiss - Two friends enjoy some Devotional Sex where most of the time is spent with him giving her pleasure. (1 page)

Tracey and Michael           Devotional Friends

A Foot Massage and the first Reveal - Whilst staying fully dressed, Tracey enjoys having a naked and aroused man at her feet as he gives her a foot massage. (2 pages)
The second Reveal and some sensual foot play - This time Tracey keeps Michael aroused during all of the foot massage. Not only is this lots of fun, but it has the power of a Tantric ceremony. (2 pages)

A Foot Massage leads to an intense Foot Kiss An adventure Michael shared with Tracey a few years before the above stories. (1 page)

Preview of real-life stories not yet published

A sneak preview of the real-life stories which are still being written, and your chance to let me know which of these stories you would like me to publish next. (More)

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Chapter 15: Real-Life Experiences and Stories
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