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Last updated: 7 January 2012
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A fictional Devotional Sex story

Susan and Sam: a normal sexy day

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The following story presents a day in the life of a couple who practice Devotional Sex.
This is the opening story of  Chapter 1.

The alarm rings. Susan and Sam are woken up for a normal working day.

Since starting to practice Devotional Sex they have been setting the alarm ten minutes early. This gives them a short amount of `couple time´ each weekday morning before getting out of bed.

Still half asleep they roll towards each other and start to cuddle.

Sam is energized by the feeling of Susan’s naked body against his, and he quickly becomes aroused.

He enjoys that his partner now turns him on so easily.

Sam knows that there is not always sexual activity during these short morning cuddles. But his hardness encourages him to hope.

Susan welcomes Sam's cuddle. She feels his growing excitement, and she enjoys the feeling of being desired.

Susan is relaxed and comfortable with Sam's morning arousal because she knows that it is up to her whether or not anything further happens. Often she chooses just to enjoy a morning cuddle, but this
morning she feels it would be nice to encourage Sam.

As she still feels tired she decides that this morning Sam can enjoy pleasuring her.

She says just one word, and Sam moves down to rest his head on her lower tummy. His head is facing towards her toes, and his his nose is just above her sex.

Sam breathes in deeply to enjoy the faint smell, and he affectionately nuzzles his head against her.

Susan can tell from the nuzzle that Sam is eager to pleasure her. She waits just long enough for Sam to become unsure whether the morning's activities will stop there or if he will be granted his wish to go further.

Susan then parts her legs.

Sam eagerly moves under her closest leg to lie between her thighs. He gives a little kiss to her upper inner thigh on either side, and then a very gentle kiss to her sex. He then uses his tongue and lips to gently lick and explore her sex.

Sam is pleased. When his sexual energy is high he loves to eat her. He senses that this morning Susan wants just some gentle pleasure, and so he licks her slowly and sensuously. He enjoys her taste and smell.

Sam is now very hard, and he gives his hips a wiggle to rub his erection on the mattress. Part of him wants things to go further so that he gets to ejaculate, but he knows that this will not be happening this morning.

Susan, still sleepy, relaxes and enjoys being pleasured. If she had the energy she knows that Sam would be able to bring her to orgasm. But this morning she doesn't want to go that far.

Five minutes later Susan remembers that they have to get up soon, and so she squeezes Sam's shoulder twice. This tells him it is time to stop. Sam moves back up the bed and cuddles Susan.

Without thinking about it Susan's hand, as it always does when Sam comes up after eating her, takes hold of Sam's erection. She feels Sam's energy, and smiles knowing that Sam will be desiring her for the rest of the day.

Sam loves the feel of Susan's hand on his erection. It makes him feel that Susan accepts and enjoys his energy. Rather than feeling frustrated he enjoys the powerful intimacy of the cuddle.

Susan gives Sam's erection a squeeze and says "Up time". She jumps out of bed.

Sam is still very hard as he gets out of bed. Susan notices and smiles.


During the day Sam feels an extra bounce due to his sexual energy. His balls have a slight feeling of fullness - not enough to be a discomfort, but enough to remind him that he is charged up. He often thinks of Susan, and looks forward to being with her again that night.

Susan is having a bad day at work. But during the day she does have a few moments to reflect on how their relationship has improved since they started Devotional Sex.

They arrive home at about the same time. Sam is disappointed to see that Susan is tired and stressed from work. He was hoping that the morning's activity might have left her in the mood for a sexy evening.

Susan collapses on the sofa. “What a day”, she sighs.

Sam sees a chance to relieve her stress, and asks “Would a foot massage make you feel better?”

Susan knows that with Devotional Sex she could have asked this of Sam, and he would have complied. But she appreciates that Sam showed the initiative.

"That would be lovely dear. Yes please!”

Sam quickly gets some foot cream and a towel, sits on the floor in front of her, and starts to massage her feet. He enjoys touching her, and his desire stirs with anticipation of possible future activity.

Susan just relaxes, and feels the stress of the day dissolve.

She notices Sam looking at her thighs, and realizes that he can see up her skirt. She knows that he likes being teased. So pretending that she has not noticed Sam's gazing at her thigh, she leans back and with a relaxed sigh further parts her legs. She shuts her eyes, and just relaxes as Sam continues to massage her feet.

Sam does not realize that Susan’s leg parting was deliberate. He now has a clear view of her panties. As he massages her feet he looks at her legs and panties, and remembers that morning's taste. With Devotional Sex even just giving his partner a foot massage can turn him on.

After a while Susan thanks Sam, and she gets up. She is now much more relaxed.
They prepare and eat dinner, and watch some TV.

A few hours later, Susan says "I'm going to bed now".

Sam eagerly asks "Would you like a cuddle?"

Sam knows that if she says yes it might be only a cuddle.

"Yes please," she answers, and they both go into the bedroom.

They both undress and get into bed. It does not take long for Sam to become very hard. Susan reaches down to hold him. Before Devotional Sex he was rarely this excited.

Susan wants to reward Sam, and she knows just how to please him. She says “Back”, and Sam rolls over to lie on his back. She then moves down and starts to gently suck him. She is not trying to make him ejaculate - she knows this will not happen. Instead of simulating pumping intercourse, she uses her mouth, lips, tongue, and hands in a slow and sensual exploration of his excitement. She enjoys his energy. It is so sexy and fun to suck him when he wants her this much.

After about five minutes Sam's whole body shudders. She keeps sucking him. Every 20 or so seconds Sam shudders more. This continues for several minutes.

Sam's shudders have been orgasms. But orgasms without ejaculation!

Because he has not ejaculated he is still energized and hard after each orgasm. This means he is able to have another orgasm straight away. And another.

For Sam this is fantastic. It might be fun for Susan to give him oral sex when he is this wanting and hard. But this is nothing compared to the extra pleasure of receiving her attentions. Then to spend a few minutes having multiple orgasms while being sucked! Bliss.

Susan stops sucking Sam, and moves to sit on top of him. She is very wet from the excitement of sucking him, and he slips inside her very easily. She rides him for a while, bringing herself to orgasm.

Sam enjoys being inside her, but has to restrain himself slightly because he knows that he is not allowed to ejaculate unless she lets him.

After her orgasm she rolls off, and they move into the spoon position (she on her side facing away from him, he on his side facing her, and he entering her from behind). They rest like this with him hard inside her. He holds her breasts and cuddles her. There is no big hard thrusting, just gentle movements with the occasional little thrust. They both enjoy the quiet intensity of sharing their sexual energy.

Eventually Susan says “That’s enough for tonight”.

Sam, still hard, pulls out of her. She rolls over to face him and they cuddle.

She knows that Sam needs a little comfort while he is calming down, so she moves her hand down to gently hold his hardness. She enjoys the cuddle, and the feeling of his desire in her hand. She feels him gradually become softer, and she drifts off to sleep.

Sam also enjoys the cuddle and Susan holding his erection. He smiles as he remembers that before Devotional Sex it was Susan who wanted a post-sex cuddle the most. Now it is he who would feel rejected if she had just rolled over and gone to sleep!

After the long evening's session of sex, and the orgasms while being sucked, he feels fully satisfied. Even though he has not ejaculated, he feels calm and at peace (and not at all frustrated). At first he enjoys the feeling of Susan holding his erection, but then he relaxes as he knows that sex is over and it is time for sleep. By the time Susan lets go of him he is already fairly soft. And soon he drifts off to sleep.

But his sexual energy is still there - when he wakes up next morning just a little cuddle will be enough to once again get him aroused and excited.


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