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Last updated: 2 January 2016
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Chapter 1: Introduction   |   Outline of Devotional Sex

The Devotional Sex Forum, Photo-Blog, and FetLife Group 

There is a forum on this website for discussing Devotional Sex, a photo-blog on Tumblr which shows Devotional Sex in action, and a Devotional Sex group on FetLife.

The Devotional Sex Forum

The Devotional Sex Forum, hosted at this site, is the place to comment on, ask questions about, and discuss Devotional Sex.

The forum has been structured so that the forum discussion groups match the chapters of this site. For example, the place on the forum to discuss this chapter is here.

Many of the pages on this website already have their own forum topic. These pages all have a link at the bottom of that page enabling you to jump straight to the relevant forum topic.

If the subject area you wish to discuss already has its own topic, please post in that topic. Otherwise click `New Topic´ to start a new discussion.

Guests can read the forum, but to post you must register to become a forum member. Before you join the forum please read the Forum Rules and Introduction.

The postings in the forum will be used to improve and expand this website. So posting is giving me permission to use your words in

You can see a list of all the recent active topics on the forum here, or you can look at the main page of the forum here.

I look forward to meeting you soon on the forum!


Quickly posting anonymous feedback or questions

If you wish to quickly and anonymously send feedback without joining the forum you can do so via this survey at

All PollMill tell me is your country (and sometimes city). So what you write there really is anonymous.

This means that I cannot reply back directly, but I will use what is posted there on my website, forum, photo-blog and Tumblr, and this means I can answer any questions, albeit publicly.

Any comments, questions, gripes or praise about Devotional Sex are very welcome.​


The Devotional Sex photo-blog on Tumblr

There is a photo-blog on Tumblr which illustrates Devotional Sex with explicit sexual photos together with some text saying how each photo relates to Devotional Sex. (More)

The Devotional Sex group on FetLife

FetLife is like a Facebook for kinky people. If you are interested in BDSM I recommend that you take a look. And once there, please join my FetLife Devotional Sex group. (More)

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Chapter 1: Introduction

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