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Last updated: 8 May 2008
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1: Exploring this site

How this site is organized

This site is an on-line book. Unlike many websites which provide just an overview of their topic, this site contains everything I know about Devotional Sex.

Text in italic and indented to the right (as above) indicates that this text was included in a higher level page. If you have just read this text, and clicked a link to get further information, you can easily skip the italic text and continue reading without having to read the introductory text a second time.

Use the Chapter Maps and the Site Map to find your way around
The Chapter Map lists all the sections and lower level pages within each chapter. This provides an easy way to see what is in each chapter, and a quick way to jump to any page.

The easiest way to navigate around this site is to use the Site Map and the Chapter Maps. Once you become familiar with how this site is organized, you will find that it is very easy to move about the site and to find pages of interest.

The Site Map lists all the chapters and other top level pages. It also provides a direct link to each chapter's Chapter Map.

Using these maps it is possible to jump to all pages on the site with three or less clicks!

Looking at the Site Map and each Chapter Map may provide a quick way to see which bits of this site you have visited, and which you have not yet looked at. If your browser records your history, links which have been visited are shown in a different color from links which have not yet been viewed. For example, on my Mac using the Safari browser, previously visited links are shown in light purple, while yet to be visited links are shown in dark blue.

The Glossary and Index, available from the Site Map, can also be used to quickly find further information on any topic.

When you want a quick reminder of a key word or concept, or do not know which chapter contains the wanted information, the Glossary and Index will be very helpful.


Click the word `More´ to access more information about each topic
Most of the information on each topic is on lower level pages. The word `More´ at the end of any paragraph indicates that there is much more information on a lower level page. The word `More´ is also the link to that page.

Most of the information on this site is accessed by clicking the links in each chapter's Main Page. I
f you want to read everything, then you need to click every time you see the word `More´ as a link.

All the higher level pages present only a few key points on each topic. The lower level pages expand on each point, and often make new points to more fully cover the topic. Sometimes a lower level page will have further links to even more information.

When you finish looking at a lower level page, you can click a link at the bottom of the page to take you back to the higher level page.

If you want to continue with the more detailed text, the `To next detail: ..´ link will take you to the next detailed page.

If you click every
`To next detail: ..´ link at the bottom of every page you will never miss any information (as all lower level pages will repeat what is said in the higher level pages).

  Use your browser's Back button to return to the previous page
Because you can get to a page from many places, and even from different chapters, the only way to always get back to a previous page is to use your browser's Back button.

For example, all of the stories and real life experiences reside in Chapter 15. So if you go to a story, you are jumping to a different chapter!  

Often when a key Devotional Sex concept is mentioned, the word or phrase will be a link to information on that topic. Usually that information will be in a different chapter.

For example, a Blissette is described in Chapter 9. If you click on this word now, you will jump to the page describing Blissettes in chapter 9. The only way to return from there back to this page is to use your browser's Back button.

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