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Map of Chapter 1: Introduction

Introduction (Main Page)
Opening story
The opening story can become your reality!
Outline of Devotional Sex (+1)
Warnings and disclaimer (in Chapter 3)
More about Devotional Sex
Comparing Devotional Sex with other techniques
Why `devotional´ and `sex´
Why Devotional Sex is a lifestyle
Why the roles are known as `Princess´ and `Knight´
New words for talking about sex
Common concerns (+38)
Your exploration of Devotional Sex
Is this for you?

When it works
The public symbol of being a Devotee
Surveys asking about Devotional Sex
Your Chance to Register as a Devotee
Overcoming sexual problems
Other issues:
How Devotional Sex was developed
If you like this site ...
The Devotional Sex Forum, Photo-Blog, and FetLife Group
Quickly posting anonymous feedback or questions
Photo blog
Group on FetLife

Exploring this website
How this site is organized
How to best read this site
This site is under construction
Comments, questions and discussion   -   Discussion group for this chapter
What to look at next

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