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Last updated: 4 January 2016
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More about Devotional Sex 

This section provides further introductory information about Devotional Sex.

Comparing Devotional Sex with other techniques

This section compares and contrasts Devotional Sex with the multi-orgasmic man technique, Tantra, Karezza, Female Led Relationships, and BDSM.

Devotional Sex differs from all the other techniques, thus it really is something new! (More)

Why `devotional´ and `sex´

The word `devotional´ captures both the essential `glue´ needed to keep things working, and the main benefit from living the lifestyle.

And the word `sex´ is a part of the name to emphasize that Devotional Sex is mainly concerned with how a couple enjoy their sexual and sensual lives, and it is not about BDSM activities or female control over all aspects of the relationship. (More)

Why Devotional Sex is a lifestyle

Devotional Sex is not only about how you enjoy sexual activity. It also governs when you start sexual activity, and how a couple acts and feels throughout the day.

Devotional Sex is only one part of your life. But as this part effects how you act and feel throughout the day it becomes a part of a your whole lifestyle. (More)

Why the roles are known as `Princess´ and `Knight´

The word `Princess´ has several meanings - some of them with negative connotations. If these negative meanings can be ignored, and the intended meaning accepted, the word `Princess´ then perfectly captures the role of a female Devotee.

The word `Knight´ both matches the word
`Princess´, and captures the strength and devotion of a male Devotee. (More)

New words for talking about sex

One of the difficulties in writing about sex is that the usual words used to talk about sex are all loaded with meaning, much of it negative. I have avoided this problem by using new words. These new words include Desire for penis, and Pleasure for vagina.

As these new words are used throughout the site, I recommend that you have a quick look at the full list of new words before reading further. (More)

Common concerns

Because Devotional Sex is so different from `normal´ sex, it is not unusual for new readers to have some concerns and questions.

My answers to 38 common concerns may help you decide whether or not you want to continue to explore Devotional Sex. (More)


Your exploration of Devotional Sex

There are three levels of exploration of Devotional Sex. The first is an adventure of the mind from just reading about it. The second is an adventure of experience when you play some of the getting started games. The final, for those who go this far, is making Devotional Sex a part of your life. (More)

Is this for you?

Devotional Sex requires you to be devoted to your partner. It also takes some effort and commitment to learn.

If you are not prepared to make the effort and commitment then it will not work, and Devotional Sex will not be for you.

Even though Devotional Sex may at first sound strange, it very quickly brings rewards to anyone who gives it a try. If you have any interest I hope you explore this site further, and then give it a go. Perhaps you will find that Devotional Sex is for you! (More)

When it works

  When it works, Devotional Sex will not just be `for you´, it will grow to become part of what you are. (More)

The public symbol of being a Devotee

The public symbol of being a Devotee is a gold ring with a red garnet stone which is worn on the little finger of the left hand. (More)

Surveys asking about Devotional Sex

To find out how Devotional Sex is practiced I've created several surveys.

If you LIVE or SOMETIMES DO Devotional Sex it would be great if you fill these out. (More)


Your chance to register as a Devotee

Registered Devotees are people who have tried Devotional Sex and want to celebrate their enjoyment of it, commit to exploring it further, or just like the idea of being a registered Devotee. (More)

Overcoming sexual problems

The unique dynamic of Devotional Sex enables a couple with a sexual problem to rediscover sex and intimacy and to perhaps end up enjoying a sex lfie which is more fulfilling than it was before the difficulty.

Devotional Sex can help couples where:

Other issues

·  Gay relationships and Devotional Sex (More)
         (and see the forum for a discussion on Devotioinal Sex and gay males or lesbians.)
·  Young people and Devotional Sex (More)
·  Sex education (More) 

How Devotional Sex was developed

I developed the practice of Devotional Sex during a ten year relationship and in my dating after that relationship ended.

Once I realized that this technique was not written about in any other books or websites, I decided to write about it and to create this website.

If you like this site ....

If you like this site please let others know about and please join the forum. (More)
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Chapter 1: Introduction

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