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Map of Chapter 2: Vanilla Sex

Introduction (Main Page)
My definition of Vanilla Sex   (+1)
Conventional sex can be much better than Vanilla Sex
What is normal?
What is normal and popular in the rest of our lives?
Your `normal´ may not be normal for others
How do you experience sex now?
How sex is depicted in the media
Sleeping nude in film and TV  (+1)
Sex in mainstream movies
Sex in adult movies
Sex on the internet
Vanilla attitudes towards sex
Unwritten rules for sex in dating
Unwritten rules for sex in a relationship
Male attitudes - possessing, do me, transactional
Female attitudes - being taken, do him, transactional
Dominance without consent
The meaning of an erection
The most special and intimate activity
Powerful urges but not worth spending time enjoying
Natural vs sophisticated
Women as `sex objects´
Women who enjoy sex are sluts
Dysfunctional attitudes
Vanilla sexual activities
The `normal´ stages of sexual arousal
Male orgasm
Female orgasm
Playing with his penis
Playing with her vagina
Oral sex to the male
Oral sex to the female
Anal sex
Talking dirty
Other people
Better sex by only tasting the advanced techniques
A taste of Tao
A taste of Tantra
A taste of female power
A taste of something kinky
Exploring Devotional Sex
Comments, Questions, and Discussion - Discussing group for this chapter

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