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Last updated: 27 March 2010
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Chapter 3: Devotional Tao - the multi-orgasmic man

Devotional Sex is a combination of two ancient techniques and one more recent technique.

This chapter covers one of the ancient techniques - the traditional Taoist practice of a man learning to orgasm without ejaculating. This technique has been popularized in the West under the title The Multi-Orgasmic Man.

This chapter compares and contrasts the multi-orgasmic man technique as practiced within traditional Tao with how it is used within Devotional Sex.

In Devotional Sex an orgasm without ejaculation is called a Crest. This chapter also explains how a man can learn to Crest!


Warnings and disclaimer

Before you try Devotional Sex you should read the Warnings and Disclaimer page carefully.

There is a possibility that not ejaculating after most sexual activity may lead to health problems.

Also, a couple may experience
times of emotional stress while learning Devotional Sex.

You need to make your own decision about whether or not to practice Devotional Sex, and the author is not responsible for any health or emotional problems which may arise as a result. (More)

 Male orgasm and ejaculation are two different things

Most people think of male orgasm and ejaculation as being two parts of a single process.

In fact they are two different behaviors, each of which can be experienced without the other. (More)

Traditional Taoist practice

Traditional Taoist sexual practices are embedded in a Taoist way of life, and are part of the culture in which they were developed.

The Taoist technique which is a component of Devotional Sex was popularized in the book The
Multi-Orgasmic Man by Mantak Chia and Douglas Abrams Arava.

Practicing this technique a man does not ejaculate most times he has sex. He does not miss out on orgasms because he can orgasm without ejaculating. And because a non-ejaculatory orgasm does not cause him to loose his erotic energy, he can continue sex and, if he wishes, enjoy more orgasms.

With traditional Tao the man enjoys sex for long enough, and has enough non-ejaculatory orgasms, to be satisfied when he ends sex without ejaculating. When he does ejaculate, it is his decision to do so.

Not ejaculating at the end of most sexual activity gives a man who practices Tao a constant energizing background erotic energy. But a key part of real Tao is that this energy is calmed so he never feels sexually frustrated.

Men who want to learn traditional Tao (without Devotional Sex) may still find much of this chapter helpful.

Better sex

A male leaning to orgasm without ejaculating is very likely to lead to much better sex.

The obvious reason that sex will be better for a male is that he can now enjoy more than one orgasm each session.

But the main reason that sex will be better is due to changes in how the man thinks about and practices sex.

Practicing the multi-orgasmic man technique means that male orgasm is now a part of what happens during sex rather than being the end-point. Male sexual satisfaction is no longer focused on ejaculating at the end, but on the pleasures enjoyed during the session. This can lead to greater enjoyment and appreciation by the male of the other sexual activities such as foreplay.

Because he does not ejaculate, sexual activity can last for longer. This tends to slow down sexual activity and make things more sensual.

These changes will also be enjoyed by his partner, and in fact it may be his partner who
who most enjoys this new sexual practice.

 How Devotional Sex is different from traditional Tao

The main differences between traditional Tao
and Devotional Sex are:
  • a Knight maintains a higher background level of erotic energy than he would with real Tao
    (this powers his desire for his Princess so that he is always wanting to be her Knight)
  • it is the Princess who decides when her Knight can ejaculate
    (which enables her to control the level of her Knight's background erotic energy), and
  • the Princess decides when sexual activity will start and end
    (though a Knight will often desire more sex, he leans to enjoy feeling aroused during just a cuddle)   

The name `Devotional Tao´

I chose the name `Devotional Tao´ to acknowledge and give credit to the ancient Taoist tradition which is the source of the multi-orgasmic man technique.

Using the word `Tao´ in the name is not meant to imply that the Devotional Tao used within Devotional Sex is proper or traditional Tao.

 How Devotional Tao feels for a Knight

This section looks at how it feels for an experienced Knight to:
  • not ejaculate at the end of sex,
  • to often be aroused without getting sex, and
  • to always have some erotic energy. (More)

Devotional Sex without being able to Crest

Though the Knight being able to orgasm without ejaculating is part of the definition of Devotional Sex, this is really just the icing on the cake.

To practice Devotional Sex a Knight needs higher than usual erotic energy (which is easily achieved by not allowing him to ejaculate most times he has sex) and he needs to be able to hold this erotic energy in a calm manner.

Learning to be calm and relaxed while having higher than usual erotic energy is the first step towards learning to Crest.

Hence it is only the first step towards learning to Crest which is essential to the practice of Devotional Sex, and going just a bit further and learning to Crest is just a great bonus.

Devotional Sex with more frequent ejaculations

Men who like everything about Devotional Sex except for the tough restrictions on ejaculating can practice Lite Devotional Sex in which the Knight is allowed to ejaculate much more often.

Ways to start Devotional Sex and Devotional Tao

There are three ways to start Devotional Sex. Which is chosen depends on how the man feels about his first experiences of not ejaculating after sex.

A man who wants to minimize any feelings of sexual frustration can learn Devotional Tao before starting Devotional Sex.

Men who enjoy the intense feelings of BDSM-style ejaculation denial can start with high-energy Devotional Sex and then learn Devotional Tao.

Couples can also take a middle path and learn both Devotional Sex and Devotional Tao at the same time. (More)


Learning to Crest

This section looks at:
  • The erotic energy mountain - my way of explaining a man's experience of erotic energy, orgasms, and ejaculations.
  • Where are you now?
  • Relaxing with erotic energy - the key to practicing Devotional Sex
  • Practicing by yourself and with your partner
  • His Desire has a mind of it's own - lessons from dog training
  • Preventing an ejaculation - emergency stops for when you get too close
  • Never worry about lack of an erection
  • How to Crest - the reward for those who put in the effort and practice
  • Having a small crest when not aroused - the final prize of mastering erotic energy
Learning to Crest will take some time and practice. Fortunately this will be both pleasurable and fun! (More)

Living Devotional Tao

This section looks at how Devotional Tao works as part of your lifestyle.

It presents the activities of surfing, self-play by a Knight, and a Princess controlling when her Knight can Crest.

A season of Devotional Sex is defined as everything that happens between on ejaculation and the next. This section looks at how a Knight's erotic energy builds up during a season, how a Princess controls her Knight's energy, and why a Knight also needs to keep his own energy under control.

Devotional Sex ranges between mild and wild, depending on how a Knight's erotic energy is managed. There is no right level of energy, rather each couple finds what is right for them. (More)

 How many days between each Climax?

How often should a Knight be allowed to Climax?

The answer depends on his age, individual characteristics and differences, and on the whim of his Princess. (More)


 The multi-orgasmic woman

The ancient Taoist techniques can also be used to make it easier for a woman to have an orgasm whenever she wants, to become multi-orgasmic, and to enhance her own sensual and sexual life.  (More)


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