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Map of Chapter 3: Devotional Tao
the multi-orgasmic man


Introduction (Main Page)
Warnings and disclaimer
Male orgasm and ejaculation are two different things
Traditional Taoist practice
Better Sex
How Devotional Sex is different from traditional Tao
The name `Devotional Tao´
How it feels for an experienced Knight to:
A taste of these feelings
Devotional Sex without being able to Crest
Devotional Sex with more frequent ejaculations
Ways to start Devotional Sex and Devotional Tao
Learn Devotional Tao first
Start with BDSM-style ejaculation denial
Learn Devotional Sex and Devotional Tao together
Learning to Crest
The erotic energy mountain
Where are you now?
Relaxing with erotic energy - the key to practicing Devotional Sex
Practicing by yourself and with your partner
His Desire has a `mind of its own´
Preventing an ejaculation
Never worry about lack of an erection
How to Crest
Having a small Crest when not aroused
Living Devotional Tao
A season of Devotional Sex
Building up erotic energy during a season
Mild to wild - each couple decides what is right for them
A Princess managing her Knight's energy
A Knight managing his own energy
How many days between each ejaculation?
The Multi-Orgasmic Woman
Forum discussion group for this chapter

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