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Last updated: 27 March 2010
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Learning to Crest

Learning to Crest   |   Chapter 3: Devotional Tao
 Relaxing with erotic energy -
the key to practicing Devotional Sex

Almost all the changes in how you think and feel about sex, and thus how you practice it, come from learning to be relaxed with your erotic energy. This enables you to feel comfortable wherever you are on the erotic energy mountain.

Most of your effort in learning to Crest is spent learning to be fully in control of yourself at the top of the erotic energy mountain. The more comfortable and in control you feel at the top, the easier it will be to have your first Crest.

Practicing Devotional Sex requires a Knight to become comfortable at all levels of the erotic mountain. Of course the sexual highlights happen when you are at the top. But lots of your sexual activity will happen slightly further down, and moving down a little further is where you will enjoy lots of erotic intimacy, such as Devotional Cuddles.

It is also important for a Knight to learn to feel comfortable carrying a higher than usual background level of erotic energy.

This section provides exercises and advice to help you take control of your erotic energy.

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Learning to Crest   |   Chapter 3: Devotional Tao
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