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Map of Chapter 4: Devotional Tantra

Introduction (Main Page)
Real Tantric practices
The neglect of oral sex in books on Tantric sex
How and why Devotional Tantra is different
The Knight is energized from Devotional Tao
A Princess has control over what and when things happen
Lots of oral sex can be included in Devotional Sex
Devotees also enjoy lots of short sessions
Princess Power is used to have non-Tantric fun
Real Tantra can be added to Devotional Sex
The principles of Devotional Tantra
Sophisticating our basic urges
Enjoying the moments
Feeling aroused
Giving Pleasure
Orgasm is no longer the main point of sex
A non-aroused Princess often enjoys her aroused Knight
How intimate and sensual activities are changed by Devotional Tantra
Sensual activities
Normal time together
How sexual activities are changed by Devotional Tantra
More orgasmic but lots of sessions without orgasm

Pleasure Play
Pleasure Kissing
Desire Play
Desire Kissing
Comments, Questions and Discussion - Discussion group for this chapter

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