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The limits of Princess Power

The limits of Princess Power   |   To first page on: Princess Power
Fully explore the edges
Exploring the edges of what a Knight is willing, and not willing, to do can be fun even if it just remains talk.

Talking is also useful in case a couple ever decide to explore these things in real-life.

The best time to talk about a Knight's limits is when he has high erotic energy and is aroused.

The edge of a Knight's limits are the most extreme things he is willing to do.

Some of the activities at the edges may be things that he finds very exciting and fantasizes about doing.

Other activities may be things that he does not want to do, but would be willing to do if his Princess commanded.

Because these activities are at the edges of his limits, all of these activities are likely to be scary for him to do.

Why it is good to talk this

There are two ways to explore the edges of a Knight's limits - doing them or talking about them.

This section is about just talking.

There are several reasons why talking about the edges of a Knight's limits is desirable.

The first reason is that it is fun and exciting. Even if a couple never do what is talked about, great fun, pleasure, and excitement can be had from just talking.

A second reason is that if an activity at the edge is ever done in practice, then the talk will have prepared both for this.

To do an activity, both the Princess and her Knight must be willing. Talking allows a couple to explore fantasies that the Princess may know that she would never do in practice.

The talk is most powerful if the Princess never tells her Knight which bits of his limits she knows she will never do. Not telling her Knight what will not happen means that in the back of his mind he will always think that there is a possibility that one day it might happen.

Though a Princess might not want to do an activity in real life, knowing that her Knight would do the activity if commanded, and knowing that her Knight thinks that there is at least a small possibility that it might happen, can be a very fun and powerful feeling.
For example, doing something in front of, or with, other people is an area where a Knight's fantasies might go much further than what his Princess is ever willing to do. Fully exploring in words what a Knight would be willing to do in real-life, and what he would not do, and exploring how he would feel about doing this, can be a lot of fun.

Activities with Other People is the best example of setting limits before the activity because it is hard for a couple to pause and discuss limits when they are with another person. 

Because what happens is fully up to the Princess (as long as it is within her Knight's limits and any other people involved consent to the activity), a Princess can be fully relaxed and comfortable that nothing will ever happen in real-life unless she wants it to happen.

Her Knight has the freedom to openly talk and to fantasize because this is balanced by his Princess's power to only do what she is happy to do.

Of course all this talk is the preparation needed if an opportunity arose to do something in real-life and the Princess decided to explore some reality.

And if the Princess knows that nothing will ever happen, and her Knight does not know this, it will still be a very powerful feeling for her Knight when he gets into a real-life situation where, if his Princess commanded, something would happen.
It is also important for a Princess to explore which bits of her more edgy fantasies her Knight would be willing to do.

Even if she decides never to some things in real-life, her knowing that her Knight would do them if commanded increased the strength of the Devotional Dynamic for both her and her Knight.

A Princess can hide from her Knight which things she might like to really do by also exploring at the same time some things that she does not want to do.
When and how to talk about this

A man's wish to do a sexual activity is often influenced by his level of erotic energy.

When his erotic energy is very high, some activities which before were undesirable, can become very exciting.

If a Princess and her Knight talk about the edges of the Knight's limits while he is not very aroused the Knight will be much more conservative than if he were very aroused.

The two reasons that he will be more conservative are that when he is not very aroused he will be less willing to talk about his fantasies. The second reason is that some things are only fantasies when he is aroused.

So the best time to verbally explore the edges of a Knigh's limits is when the Knight has very high erotic energy (ie he has not ejaculated for longer than usual), and he is aroused.

The best sexual activity to maintain his arousal and to be able to talk at the same time is Desire Play. Either the Knight should play with himself, or his Princess should play with him.

The talk becomes even more intimate, and the Princess is even better able to judge what her Knight is really feeling, if she either watches his Desire as he plays with himself, or if she is playing with him.

Some parts of the discussion may make the Knight extra hard, and some parts may make him softer. Of course the parts which make him extra hard are pushing some of his buttons, and it is good for his Princess to know this. Either watching or feeling his erection enables a Princess to really find out which bits turn her Knight on.

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