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Map of Chapter 5: Princess Power

Introduction (Main Page)
Princess Power is an essential part of Devotional Sex
Needed to balance the Knight's high erotic energy
Removes male dominance
Princess Power is unique
A Princess will usually not be a dominant women
Dynamic will often feel to her like equality
Why a non-dominant woman will enjoy her power
A Knight does not need to be submissive
Why a non-submissive Knight will give up control
Creates a dynamic that easily becomes a part of your lifestyle
Devotional Sex is very different from an abusive relationship
Erotic Dominance
Why erotic dominance can be fun
Erotic Submission
Why erotic submission can be fun
It may take some time for a Knight to learn to enjoy submission
Devotional Sex is fully consensual
Either can end Devotional Sex
Consensual for the Knight
He has agreed to always obey
His Princess must keep him wanting to be her Knight
To do something both must be willing
Going a bit further to please your partner
An example of how things are consensual
Especially important with Princes Power
The Devotional Sex 0 to 5 scale
The Knight also needs to know how his Princess feels
Princess sets how and when communication happens
During normal time together
With a foot massage
With a highly aroused Knight
Special writing assignments
Knight keeping a Devotional Sex diary
When and how Princess Power is used
The main use of Princess Power is saying "no"
Saying "yes" to a suggestion from her Knight

Usually the Knight is happy to do her `suggestion´
Sometimes there is normal negotiation
Sometimes a Princess needs to be assertive
Sometimes it is clear that a command must be obeyed
The mix of the above situations will be different for each couple
The limits of Princess Power
Only sensual and sexual
All sensual and sexual acts are allowed
No `revenge´ for other relationship issues
Princess Power does NOT use punishment
Only within the Knight's pre-set limits
Communicating limits and responses
Fully explore the edges
Set limits at the appropriate energy level
Limits can be changed over time
Safe words
Establishing and maintaining Princess Power
Controlling a Knight's Ejaculations
Managing the Knight's energy
How the Knight Climaxes
After the Knight Climaxes
Moments of truth
The big no-Climax
The big no-sex
Doing an edgy activity
Activities just to create the dynamic
Being strict, consistent, and always following-up
Take control of some of the Knight's suggestions
Appropriate timing
Devotional Sex is part of normal life
Matching activities to the Knight's erotic energy level
Using Commands and Rules
Commands and Rules just for the dynamic
The Knight acknowledging a command
Indicating that something is a Devotional Sex command
Using Princess Power
Directing the action for pleasure and fun
Controlling a Knight's energy during just cuddles
A new way to NOT go any further
Background play
Sensual activities
Erotic fun
Lessons from dog training: achieving the almost impossible
The four Dom/sub dynamics of Devotional Sex
A non-dominant Princess with a non-submissive Knight
A non-dominant Princess with a submissive Knight
A dominant Princess with a non-submissive Knight
A dominant Princess with a submissive Knight
Comments, Questions and Discussion - Discussion group for this chapter

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