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Map of Chapter 6: Devotional Sex

Introduction (Main Page)
Bringing it all together
Why it works and is stable
Why each part is needed
The Devotional Sex logo
A Devotional Relationship
Definition (the Definition of Devotional Sex)
Why each point of the definition
Devotional Relationship when not living together
Devotional Dating
Why each point of the definition
Devotional Friends
Why each point of the definition
No Joy is not being prudish
Devotional Lovers
Lite Devotional Sex
Times when a Knight is still not allowed to Climax
Lite Devotional Relationships
Lite Devotional Dating
Lite Devotional Friends
A Supplicant Knight
The role of a Supplicant Knight
Starting his new role
How things change for his partner
His partner never feeling dominant
Including Devotional Sex activities
His partner taking some control
Changing to full Devotional Sex
Living as a Supplicant Knight
Why the definitions are important
The states of Devotional Sex
Within Devotional Sex a huge variation is possible
Every Devotee couple will be different
Lots of optional enhancements
The main variables
Comments, Questions and Discussion - Discussion group for this chapter

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