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Last updated: 19 May 2008
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Chapter 7: Tantric Devotion: a Spiritual View

Though this chapter is mainly concerned with the spiritual, the first section is a (non-spiritual) look at how to increase your happiness - a topic all readers might find useful.

Increasing your happiness (non-spiritual)

We all want to be happy, and we spend much time and money on things that make us happy. But it is very rare to pause and consider whether or not we could be doing things better, and making ourselves even happier.

This section presents some simple techniques to help you decide on some changes which will make you happier. (More)

The rest of this chapter shows how Devotional Sex can be spiritually enhanced by using it to celebrate the feminine forces of the universe.

Devotional Sex, as described in the earlier chapters, is a system of physical techniques and behaviors. It is a practical system that does not need a spiritual part either to describe the technique, or to practice it. Without including any spirituality,
couples can live a very successful and fulfilling Devotee lifestyle.

If you have no interest in adding a spiritual component to Devotional Sex, just skip the rest of this chapter and move straight on to chapter 8: Getting Started.

If you are interested in the spiritual aspects, or just curious, read on ...

Tantric Devotion is based on the ancient Tantric philosophy, and so this is examined first.

Real Tantric philosophy

When most people hear the word Tantra they now think of Tantric Sex. What is relatively unknown is the philosophy behind the sexual practices.

There are two main types of Tantric philosophy - the traditional which is embedded within the culture in which it was developed, and the western versions which present the ideas in a way understandable and meaningful to Westerns.  (More)

How and why Tantric Devotion is different from Real Tantra

The western versions of Tantric Philosophy are still steeped in parts of the old culture and beliefs.

Tantric Devotion strips away all the history and culture so that only some of the core ideas remain. This enables a spiritual system to be developed that does not include any superstition or beliefs based on revelation. (More)

Tantric Devotion (non-sexual)

The universe, as shown and explained by science, is such a marvellous and wonderful place that there is no need to `invent´ anything else. Tantric Devotion celebrates the real universe, and our part in it.

How we think about reality makes a big difference to our spiritual response. Tantric Devotion interprets reality as having a female creative force, and emphasizes the way that we feel a part of nature and the whole universe.

What we do effects our feelings, thinking, and our spiritual response. Tantric Devotion suggests activities which bring everything together and create a spiritual feeling. Each person needs to find which activities work best for them.

The factual basis behind Tantric Devotion is not that the universe has a feminine creative force, but that our thinking of reality in this way enables us to experience and celebrate a spiritual connection with the universe. The factual basis behind the activities is not how they work, but the fact that doing the activity creates the desired effect.

Tantric Devotion is different from (all?) other religious and spiritual paths in that it is only built on fact. Because it is based on an interpretation of reality it is not the truth or the only way.

It is up to each person to chose their path - maybe Tantric Devotion is right for you.

Including sex in the celebration

Our sexuality and erotic energy can be used to feel and celebrate Tantric Devotion. (More)

Including other religions and spiritual ways of thinking

As the
physical techniques and behaviors of Devotional Sex do not have a spiritual component, Devotees are free to add any spiritual component they wish on top of Devotional Sex (ie ignore Tantric Devotion and use something else instead).

Tantric Devotion celebrates the reality of the universe, and does not mention
a God who created the universe (as in Jewish, Christian, and Muslim beliefs). Therefore some readers may use Tantric Devotion as a way to celebrate and appreciate the universe which they believe their God created. For example, a person's spiritual path may be that they are a Christian Tantric Devotee. (More)

Tantric Devotion as your only spirituality

Tantric Devotion provides a spiritual celebration of our lives and the universe. Thus no other religious or spiritual ideas are needed to have a fulfilling spiritual life.

One good reason for including other ideas is that they are true. So is there a supernatural God? What about the Eastern religions? And is there any truth in any of the New Age ideas?

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