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Map of Chapter 7:
Tantric Devotion - a Spiritual View


Introduction (Main Page)
Increasing your happiness (non-spiritual)
Real Tantric philosophy
How and why Tantric Devotion is different from real Tantra
FemDom vs Tantra
Tantric Devotion (non-sexual)
Overview of Tantric Devotion
The history of us and the universe
A spirituality based on fact
The big questions (and answers!)
Why is there death?
What happens after death?
What is the meaning of life?
Morality - what is right and wrong?
Including sex in the celebration
Including other religions and spiritual ways of thinking
Adding your own religion or spirituality on top of Devotional Sex
Celebrating Tantric Devotion together with other religions
Tantric Devotion as your only spirituality
Why religions and other beliefs are wrong
Everything else has`Revealed´ truths
The supernatural God
Eastern religions
New Age spirituality
Comments, Questions and Discussion - Discussion group for this chapter

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