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Last updated: 25 May 2008
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7: Tantric Devotion: a Spiritual View

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Tantric Devotion (non-sexual)
The universe, as shown and explained by science, is such a marvellous and wonderful place that there is no need to `invent´ anything else. Tantric Devotion celebrates the real universe, and our part in it.

Part of celebrating the real universe and ourselves is knowing our history. This tells us where we came from. It shows how the "creative forces" of the universe created the elements from which we and all of nature are made, and it shows how we all share a common ancestor with all life - we are related to all life!

The following time-line goes from the origin of space and time to the present day. (More)

How we think about reality makes a big difference to our spiritual response. Tantric Devotion interprets reality as having a female creative force, and emphasizes the way that we feel a part of nature and the whole universe.

What we do effects our feelings, thinking, and our spiritual response. Tantric Devotion suggests activities which bring everything together and create a spiritual feeling. Each person needs to find which activities work best for them.

The factual basis behind Tantric Devotion is not that the universe has a feminine creative force, but that our thinking of reality in this way enables us to experience and celebrate a spiritual connection with the universe. The factual basis behind the activities is not how they work, but the fact that doing the activity creates the desired effect.

Tantric Devotion is different from (all?) other religious and spiritual paths in that it is only built on fact. Because it is based on an interpretation of reality it is not the truth or the only way.

It is up to each person to chose their path - maybe Tantric Devotion is right for you.


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