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Last updated: 15 March 2015
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Chapter 8: Getting Started
Getting started with Devotional Sex is fun!

Whether you and your partner decide to enjoy just the occassional spell of high-energy fun, or to discover the intimacy and connection that comes from the Knight learning to manage his erotic energy, is up to you.

The deepest benefits of Devotional Sex are enjoyed once a couple are experienced in the technique. But it's when you are getting started that things are the most exciting - you have the adventure of trying something new and it's your first taste of the extra passion and enhanced pleasures of Devotional Sex.

I hope you and your partner both enjoy your first explorations.

Spells of Devotional Sex - High energy fun!

A spell of Devotional Sex is when a couple both agree to practice Devotional Sex for just one session or a short Season.

During the spell the Knight's energy will build and build as he goes longer and longer without ejaculating. Hence this is the high-energy way to enjoy Devotional Sex.

A couple enjoying a 'normal' sex life can suggest, negotiate, then agree to practice Devotional Sex for just a few minutes (a Blissette) all the way up to a weekend or longer. There are also some spells which give a taste of the more intimate aspects of Devotional Sex  - Devotional Affection and a Devotional Night.

Some couples may decide to include spells of high energy Devotional Sex in their menu of activities and not bother with exploring Devotional Sex further. That is fine if that is what works best for you.

To help you on your way this section also includes some advice on how to get the most from each taste. (More)

High energy Devotional Sex is too intense to live this way

The spells of Devotional Sex are intense and powerful because as the Knight goes longer without ejaculating his erotic energy builds up. It's lots of fun to play with this energy, but this is a game that can't go on forever.

For him his balls will start to ache and his mind won't be able to think of anything other than sex. This intensity can make it difficult for him to do all the normal things in life including making it hard to concentrate at work.

For her, though she will at first will find his high energy fun, his energy will eventually become too much and she will want a rest from his intensity and from so much sexual activity.

Hence high energy spells of Devotional Sex are great fun for a day or even a long weekend, but it isn't practicable to live this way.

Learning to live Devotional Sex - Relaxed intimacy

Full Devotional Sex is when the Knight has learned to calim his erotic energy enough for it to no longer be disruptive to normal life and for it to instead be a positive background energy which adds zest to lfie. And even though he goes much longer without ejaculating his balls no longer ache.

Another key difference is that when living Devotional Sex it will be common for the Princess to decide that a bedtime or morning cuddle will go no further than just a cuddle. Thus
his constant background erotic energy is used to power lots of sessions of relaxed intimacy as well as sessions of higher energy sexual  fun.

The techniques for him learning to calm his energy are presented in Chapter 3. As with learning any new skill, leaning the eastern calming techniques takes time and commitment. The major commitment is needed from the Knight, but it is made much easier for him to learn if his Princess commits to helping him.

A couple can include practicing the calming techniques within the spells of Devotional Sex listed above. This will significantly change the feel of these sessions - loosing some of the high energy but gaining in intimcy and connection. This section tells you how the calming techniques can be included in the spells of Devotional Sex.

Once a couple have agreed that the Knight will learn to calm and manage his energy it becomes possible to practice Devotional Sex for longer periods, and for some couples this will be the best way to first explore Devotional Sex. This section also explores how a couple can start Devotional Sex this way. (More - Coming Soon)


How to start full Devotional Sex in your situation

The bulk of this chapter is information and advice written for your personal situation. Naturally enough, the advice is different depending on whether you are male or female, and whether it is you or your partner that is most keen to try Devotional Sex.

the best way to start, as well as what you do, depends on whether you are wanting to try Devotional Sex within an already established relationship, on a date, or with a friend.

If you are Female, click here to continue.

If you are Male, click here to continue.


Comments, Questions and Discussion

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