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Last updated: 27 November 2009
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A male wants to try Devotional Sex with his partner

Devotional Sex to enjoy FemDom
If your main reason to try Devotional Sex is to enjoy a FemDom relationship with your partner, why are you looking at Devotional Sex?

If your partner shares your desire to practice traditional BDSM-style FemDom then there are lots of books and website which will tell you all about this.

There are also lots of books and websites about Female Led Relationships if this is the style of female dominance that would be most suited to you and your partner.

The most likely reason for you to be reading this site is that your partner is not interested in either BDSM-style FemDom or a Female Led Relationship.

Perhaps your partner does not have the natural dominance that makes her want to be in charge. Perhaps the kinky aspects which are usually associated with FemDom has turned her off.

The good news is that Devotional Sex is a different technique with a very different feel (especially to the woman) than these other techniques. So there is a good chance that your partner might be happy to become your Princess.

And if she does become your Princess, there are many joys for a Knight which are similar to those enjoyed within these other techniques.

If you want to enjoy these pleasures, then the first thing you must do is forget all about FemDom.

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