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Map of Chapter 9: Living Devotional Sex

Introduction (Main Page)
Common Devotional Activities
Devotional Cuddle
Calm-Down Cuddle
Submissive Cuddle
Foot Massage
Enjoyment without going as far as Joy
Sensual pleasures  (inc body massages, bathing together, & managing a Knight's arousal)
Intimacy and cuddles
Erotic resting
Erotic fun
Sexual pleasures (other than Joy)
The background dynamic
Exploring Devotional Sex
The Sex
Blissettes (+6)
Supreme Bliss
Recurring Bliss
Fleeting Bliss
Basic commands:    BackCum NowLaterMoreNoQuietPrepare,

The Ritual command (+21)
Other commands:     Adore,   Bottom,   Breasts,   Chaste,   Choose,   Crest,
                                 Display,   Dress,   Float,   Gentle,   Kiss,   Meditate,
                                 Ravish,   Sit,   Stroke,   Suckle,   Surf,   Suggest,
                                 Tall,   Taste
When Devotional Sex becomes your normal
The basic dynamic becomes normal
The amount of sexual activity
Big satisfaction from basic Devotional Sex activities
A real two months of living Devotional Sex
You will never do many of the extras suggested on this site
Some extras might become part of your new normal
Unlikely to be a complete male fantasy
It can come close to a complete female fantasy
Find your own peak of happiness
Living with children
Making a commitment
Committing within a relationship
Committing when single
A date committing to practice with you
The big change from Devotional Dating to a Devotional Relationship
A friend committing to practice with you
Keeping things fresh and exciting
Comments, Questions and Discussion - Discussion group for this chapter

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