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Enjoyment without going as far as Joy

Enjoyment without going as far as Joy   |   Chapter 9: Living Devotional Sex
Sensual Pleasures
Sensual pleasures include foot and body massages, sharing a bath together, and sleeping in the nude.

Sensual pleasures are the most relaxing part of Devotional Sex.

Most common within Devotional Sex is for a Knight to give a sensual pleasure to his Princess. Even bathing together is likely to have a feel of the Princess being pleasured as the Knight will do as his Princess requests (eg scrub her back).

Within Devotional Sex both are devoted to the other, so there is nothing wrong with a Princess giving her Knight a sensual pleasure such as a massage. In fact a Princess can use her Princess Power to insist that her Knight accept a massage from her.

A Knight is always free to suggest giving his Princess a sensual pleasure (and he can ask to be given one). This is balanced by the Princess's power to decide what actually happens and when.

One of the joys of Devotional Sex for a Princess is that she can `request´ a sensual pleasure whenever she wishes and her wish will be granted.

When receiving a sensual pleasure a Princess should give guidance to her Knight about what she likes and does not like, and for how long to do things.

Her Knight is not a mind reader, but he does want to give pleasure. Letting him know how to do a better job makes the sensual pleasure better for both.

Another benefit of a Princess getting used to giving feedback and direction when receiving a sensual pleasure is that this will make it feel more natural for her to give feedback and direction when receiving a sexual pleasure - teaching her Knight how she likes to receive a foot massage can later lead to her teaching him how to better give her oral sex.

So there are both sensual and sexual benefits when receiving or giving a sensual pleasure is used to practice good communication.

This is a part of Devotional Sex

A part of Devotional Sex is that a Knight always has a higher than usual background level of erotic energy. This means that for a Knight, giving a sensual pleasure will usually have an erotic component. Not only will he be having some erotic thoughts, but he may even get slightly aroused during the sensual activity.

Part of being a Princess is always accepting any arousal of her Knight.

The balance within Devotional Sex to the Knight being free to become aroused during a sensual pleasure is that it is the Princess who decides what, if anything, happens immediately after the sensual pleasure. Sometimes things will go no further. And only when she chooses will the sensual pleasure be the first activity of a longer session.

Another benefit for a Princess of Devotional Sex is that her
Knight's background erotic energy means that he is always keen to enjoy a Devotional activity, and this includes him giving her sensual pleasures. A Princess who just wants to relax can `exploit´ her Knight's erotic energy to have him give her a relaxing sensual pleasure.

For the Knight the sexual component of giving a sensual pleasure will usually be far too mild to result in an erection. But if the dynamic has some energy, or if the Knight has erotic thoughts, he may get partly aroused. And if his Princess encourages his arousal he might even get a full erection.

For the Princess enjoying a sensual pleasure will often be just pure relaxation without any feelings of sexual arousal.

Rather than this being thought of as an unbalanced situation, Devotional Sex says it is win-win.

There is no reason why both must feel and think the same way. What is important is that both the Princess and her Knight enjoy what happens.

What Devotional Sex does is make this an honest interaction. The Knight is free to enjoy the erotic component, and the Princess is free to either ignore his slight arousal or to encourage it.

The section Making the most out of sensual pleasures (see below) says more about how the honest interaction of Devotional Sex can be used to enjoy sensual pleasures when in a relationship, when dating, or with a friend. In each situation the dynamic and feelings differ, so be sure to have a look at how sensual pleasures can be enjoyed in your situation.

Sensual activities

A foot massage is written about earlier in this chapter, here.

A body massage may be just to the back, or it can extend to include the whole body. (More)

Sharing a shower, bath or spa is another way for a couple to enjoy a sensual activity together. (More)

Sleeping nude encourages and celebrates sexuality and sensuality as a natural part of life. It turns every cuddle in bed into a sensual skin-on-skin experience. Sleeping in the nude every night feels great, and is highly recommended for all couples who practice Devotional Sex. More is said about the sensual pleasure of sleeping in the nude in Chapter 11: Rituals and Ceremonies,  here.

Managing her Knight's arousal

Though a Knight is allowed to feel some sexual arousal during a sensual pleasure, his Princess may want to manage both his behavior and his arousal.

When she wishes to ignore her Knight's arousal he will usually behave appropriately. But if he does not, she may need to be assertive.

Sometimes a Princess will choose to deliberately increase her Knight's arousal. There are many reasons why she might want to do this. Increasing the Knight's arousal enhances the fun for the Knight while also making him feel very much a Knight. (More)

Making the most out of sensual pleasures

Making the most of sensual pleasures within Devotional Sex depends on whether you are in a Devotional Relationship, dating, or with a friend.

In a Devotional Relationship some couples may find themselves forgetting about sensual pleasures. So a Princess may need to remind herself that she only needs to ask and her Knight will please her. And if a Princess is enjoying lots of sensual pleasures she may need to remind herself to keep her Knight happy.  (More)

When Devotional Dating sensual pleasures makes excellent foreplay before going further. If a Princess continues to ask for some sensual pleasures as dating progresses then her receiving massages can become established as a normal activity for that couple.  (More)

With a
Devotional Friend sensual pleasures can be the only activity enjoyed - Princess Power can be used to ensure that things never go any further. A sensual pleasure can also be enjoyed as a relaxing preliminary to sharing some intimacy or erotic fun. (More)


You can discuss sensual pleasures within Devotional Sex at the Devotional Sex Forum here.
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Enjoyment without going as far as Joy   |   Chapter 9: Living Devotional Sex
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