What are Diaries and how to contribute:

Diaries of just one Season to longer

What are Diaries and how to contribute:

Postby Devotional Sex » Sat Oct 08, 2016 9:23 am

This part of the Devotional Sex forum is for readers to post a diary about their Devotional Sex life over one season or longer.

So the starting point of the diary is from the start of agreeing to do some DevS or the beginning of a new Season.

You then write about everything that happens for as many Seasons as you wish. So some diaries might only go for a week. And some may wish to post a record of everything that happens for a month or longer.

Entries can be short lists of the activities you did, eg:
Tuesday wakeup: Devotional Cuddle
Tuesday evening: One hours Affirmation while watching TV, starting with some Display. Stayed hard for a while but not all the time.
Tuesday bedtime: Devotional Cuddle, Long Pleasure Kiss, she orgasmed, Devotional Cuddle with intense feelings of intimacy

Many years ago I recorded in list form my DevS life over 2 months - see here. (Note that this shows that with real-life DevS there can be two or three days in a row where nothing other than a cuddle happens.)

Alternatively the diary can be fairly comprehensive. A great example is the diary of Jill29.

Or entries can be much longer and include the feelings of you and your partner at each stage.

Note that as well as what happens with your partner your diary can include other key times, eg a Knight playing with himself, or, especially when written by the Princess, any key thoughts she has on DevS even if there were no activities.

I recommend letting your partner know that you are posting here, letting your partner read what you write, and the best is if your partner also adds some comments so that we hear both sides.

An example of a very detailed diary (which takes lots of time to write) is the story of my first date with Ada. Note how this story is enhanced by a few comments from Princess Ada.

By starting each series of entries at the very beginning of a Season neither you nor your partner will know what will happen later that Season. Thus these diary entries will not only capture some adventures and memorable bits of activity, but will often capture a string of days where nothing much happens at all. That is my aim in encouraging you to do a diary of a Season or two - to capture real-life Devotional Sex.

To do a diary Click here then start a new topic and add the title of your diary.

Please provide a short introduction:
Your approximate age,
do you live DevS (ie always do it), usually do it, or just do it sometimes,
how long have you been doing it for,
and any other introductory material that will help readers appreciate your diary entries even more.

The best way to post a diary of a Season (or longer) of Devotional Sex is to become a member of this forum. But if you prefer not to do this you can submit entries via my anonymous PollMill system (remember to include a 'name' to use on the forum so that all your entries can be posted in the one topic).

I look forward to reading what gets posted and finding out how real-life Devotional Sex works for you.
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