Glossary of Wishes

Glossary of Wishes

Postby Devotional Sex » Thu Jan 19, 2017 8:54 am

In 2017 I’m creating version 2 of the Devotional Sex website. This has enabled me to revisit the terms I use and I’ve made some changes.

The Glossary of Wishes is the second new page.

A big change is that instead of having commands DevS now has Wishes. For a Knight her wish is his command. This change makes it clearer that DevS isn’t the domination of Femdom but rather the Knight being eager to fulfill his Princess’s wishes.

This new Glossary is a list of all the Wish Words - each with a short definition followed by a longer explanation. Note that many of the explanations have links to the The Glossary of Terms.

This is NOT an introduction to DevS. But for those already familiar with the basics you will find some useful definitions and explanations of what you already know and you will see where I’ve made some rather big changes.

One big change is that for a Princess to allow her Knight to give her a Pleasure Kiss instead of saying "Ritual" she now just says "Pleasure".

Those familiar with DevS will note some other changes.

I welcome any comments or questions about this new Glossary. You can either join this forum and post or you can quickly make an anonymous comment with this PollMill form.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts!
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