Glossary of Spells

Glossary of Spells

Postby Devotional Sex » Thu Jan 19, 2017 10:16 am

In 2017 I’m creating version 2 of the Devotional Sex website. This has enabled me to revisit the terms I use and I’ve made some changes.

The Glossary of Spells is the third new page.

A Spell is when a couple both agree to do Devotional Sex in the way and for the time defined by that Spell, then return to Vanilla once the Spell is over.

This Glossary makes things look very complicated - but this is only because it is covering three different types of couple, and giving each type many options from which they may only use a few. So those doing DevS only remember the few Spells which they do, and these can very easily be negotiated.

The first group of Spells are for Enhancing Vanilla sex - so these spells only last for one Session.

The Beginner and Intermediate Spells are recommended for couples interested in exploring and learning DevS. These all have an agreed end-point. As a couple get more experienced they will probably chose longer times.

The final group of Spells is for Experienced couples. These spells last for longer and now the Princess decides when her Knight will get to Climax.

And finally a couple can agree to Live DevS which is moving beyond just having Spells of DevS.

I welcome any comments or questions about this new Glossary. You can either join this forum and post or you can quickly make an anonymous comment with this PollMill form.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts!
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