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Last updated: 21 March 2010
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Key Concept Overview

Desire Kiss
 A Desire Kiss is the Devotional Sex phrase for oral sex given to the male

Desire is the Devotional Sex word for penis, and Kiss is the Devotional Sex word for using the lips and tongue.

Hence a Desire Kiss means fellatio, `blow job´, `giving him a suck´, and so on.

Because a Knight has higher than usual erotic energy, receiving a Desire Kiss is much more intense and pleasurable for him than it would otherwise be. Even a short Desire Kiss becomes a very special event.

Because a Knight does not Climax at most sessions, most Desire Kisses are enjoyed just for the pleasure of the activity. Even though a Knight will not Climax at the end of most Desire Kisses he may enjoy one or more Crests.

Practicing Devotional Sex can make it much more fun and pleasurable for a Princess to give her Knight a Desire Kiss.

This is because of his greater enjoyment and appreciation when receiving it, and because, as the Desire Kiss is not aimed at making him Climax, it can be done in a much slower and more sensual manner. A Princess may also very much enjoy making her Knight Crest in this intimate way.

Giving a Desire Kiss is also an act of Princess Power in that it is the Princess who decides when she will start to give a Desire Kiss and when it will end.


The Vanilla Sex view of fellatio is discussed in Chapter 2 here.

Devotional Sex takes a more Tantric view, and Desire Kisses within Devotional Sex are discussed in more detail in Chapter 4 here.

Desire Kiss is just one of the new words and phrases used on this site for talking about sex.

All of the new words and phrases are presented in Chapter 1 here.


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