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Last updated: 28 January 2009
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Key Concept and Welcome Pages

Rather than give the meaning, or provide an explanation, of each concept within Devotional Sex every time a word is used, all the key words on this site are highlighted with a link to further information.

Some concepts already have a page in one of the chapters of this site which fully cover that concept. So when you click the link to one of these concepts you will be taken to that page.

Some concepts are more general and do not have an explanation elsewhere. This section of the site contains the explanations or further discussion on all of these concepts.

Some of these pages also act as welcome pages (landing pages) for those arriving at this site from a search engine.

To find out more about a key concept, just click a highlighted word or phrase below, or whenever you see one of these words or phrases highlighted on other pages of this site.

The links below in bold are Key Concept pages, and the non-bold links take you to a page of another chapter on this site.

The Key Concepts
Devotional Sex is a new sexual technique and lifestyle which combines Taoist multi-orgasmic man, some Tantric Sex, and mild female erotic power (Princess Power).

Devotional Sex is fun, intimate, and erotic, but it is also challenging.

Established couples may just play with
Devotional Sex, or might go on to form a Devotional Relationship. First dating can be enhanced by using Devotional Dating. And those not in a relationship can enjoy using Devotional Sex with a Devotional Friend or a Devotional Lover.

Those interested in BDSM (FemDom, ejaculation denial (orgasm denial), CFNM, nude rituals, etc) may find this interest an entry point to Devotional Sex. 

Especially when getting started, Princess Power gives a Princess certainty that when enjoying any activity nothing further need happen. Sometimes she will give commands, sometimes there is negotiation, and sometimes her Knight will suggest what happens next.

Within Devotional Sex there are two types of orgasm - Crests and Climaxes.

Devotional Sex has its own name for the body parts, being her Pleasure and his Desire - and both have a Bud. This leads to new names for sexual activities, including Pleasure Play, Pleasure Kiss, Desire Play, Desire Kiss, and Joy.

Princess Power gives every Princess the freedom to experiment, the ability to include some wild within mild, and the rare ability to set a new normal.
The feel of the Devotional dynamic, and the type of activities enjoyed, will depend on whether the Knight is submissive or non-submissive. Everything that happens is done with mutual respect.

Compared to normal, a Knight has high erotic energy. Devotional Sex gives him the freedom to be aroused, and a Princess always accepts his arousal. She always has the freedom to tease.

With Devotional Sex there is no destination for the Knight. Instead, for both the Princess and the Knight, it is all about being in the moment of what does happen. 

Devotional Sex is most powerful when you are not just playing the role of a Princess or a Knight, but when you start to feel like a Princess or feel like a Knight

The power and fun of Devotional Sex is enhanced when activities are unbalanced, and you take time to linger and enjoy every step. Starting some activities may feel strange at first, but the brave are often rewarded. The fun can be enhanced by including some theatrics.

Devotees learn to fully enjoy receiving pleasure and fully enjoy giving pleasure. Both Devotees become more orgasmic and will also sometimes to enjoy sex without an orgasm.

Sometimes things are best when you closely follow the instructions on this site. Often you will want to add your own variations. And sometimes you will just want to do your own thing.


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