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Last updated: 5 August 2009
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Key Concept Overview

High Erotic Energy
A man who practices Devotional Sex does not ejaculate most times he is aroused. This leaves him with a higher than usual level of erotic energy.

It is the Knight's high level of erotic energy which powers the male role in Devotional Sex.

High background erotic energy

When a sexual session ends without the Knight ejaculating he will initially still have high erotic energy and be aroused and erect. As he calms down and loses his erection, his erotic energy falls.

But as he has not ejaculated, some of the erotic energy from the session remains and is felt all of the time.

If the couple had been practicing
BDSM-style ejaculation denial instead of Devotional Sex the man might have had aching balls, and his slightly out-of-control energy might have caused him to feel on edge.

With Devotional Sex the Knight's erotic
energy is calmed by the multi-orgasmic man technique. His constant background erotic energy is a pleasant energizing feeling which he experiences throughout his whole body.

A man who practices Devotional Sex is always slightly horny, and this feels good.

Quick to arouse

It is his high background erotic energy which ensures that the Knight is always keen to take part in any sexual or sensual activity that the Princess initiates.

His desire for sexual activity is balanced by his Princess's Power to say no. And when his Princess does ask for something, it is his higher than usual erotic energy which makes a Knight eager to obey.

Another benefit of a high background level of erotic energy is that when sexual activity begins, the Knight is always quick to become aroused and erect. This is one of the reasons why Devotee couples can enjoy Blissettes whenever a Princess wishes.

For some Knights their higher than usual erotic energy means that even `just a cuddle´ is enough to make them erect. In Devotional Sex the Knight’s erection is enjoyed by both partners as just a normal part of cuddling, even when the Princess is not going to take things further.

Some Knights require a high background level of erotic energy in order to enjoy some Devotional Sex activities such
as Affirmation.

Higher erotic energy during sexual activity

Not ejaculating during previous sessions also means that the next time a Knight becomes aroused his erotic energy will be higher than if he had ejaculated at the last session.

Having a higher level of erotic energy during sexual activity means that sexual pleasures are felt more intensely. For many men it also means that giving sexual pleasures becomes more desirable and rewarding.

Some of the most erotic and sensual times for couples who practice Devotional Sex are the breathing spaces, where a couple just enjoy a Devotional Cuddle or something similar. Once again, these times are enhanced by the Knight's higher than usual erotic energy.

His energy level is controlled by his Princess

In Devotional Sex the Princess decides when her Knight is allowed to ejaculate.

This gives her control over her Knight's erotic energy.

If she wants a Knight who is calmer and easier to manage, she has him Climax earlier than usual, and when she wants the fun of having a more excited Knight she makes him last a few days longer than usual.


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