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Last updated: 29 November 2009
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Key Concept Overview

 A Knight is a man who practices Devotional Sex.
Because the roles of men and women who practice Devotional Sex are so different from normal, each role has been given a special name. A man who practices Devotional Sex is a Knight, and a woman who practiced Devotional Sex is a Princess.

The reason for choosing these names is given in Chapter 1 here.
Note that other books and websites may use the term Knight differently.

The story of King Arthur and the Knight's of the Round Table is not all about Devotional Sex!

And the website Real Women Don't Do Housework uses the term Knight as just another way of saying `male submissive´. 

A couple who enjoy Devotional Sex together do not need to use the term `Knight´ - they can use whatever name they wish. Other possibilities are listed here.

Having a name for the male's Devotional Sex role is useful because using the word immediately puts what is said into the context of Devotional Sex.
For example, if a Princess says "Would my Knight like to ....", her partner will immediately know that what follows is said by his partner in her role as his Princess, and he can thus think and respond appropriately.
The definition of Devotional Sex lists the five things a man must do in order to practice Devotional Sex and be a Knight.

The (optional) public symbol of being a Knight is a special ring, and the (optional) private symbol is for him to have his pubic hair clean-shaven.

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