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Last updated: 8 June 2009
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Key Concept Overview

 `Pleasure´ is the Devotional Sex word for `vagina´
One of the difficulties in writing about sex is that the usual words used to talk about sex are all loaded with meaning, much of it negative. I have avoided this problem by using new words.

I rejected the word `vagina´ as it is too clinical, `yoni´ feels to me too new age, and  `pussy´ was rejected because a few readers of the early drafts of this text found it too crude.

The word `pleasure´ works well within Devotional Sex as a Princess's Pleasure brings pleasure to both her and her Knight. The word `pleasure´ is also a good match for the Knight's Desire (his penis).

More on my reasons for rejecting the usual words is presented in Chapter 1 here, and the reason I chose the word Pleasure is explained further here.

The other new words for talking about sex are presented in Chapter 1 here.

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