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Last updated: 17 October 2010
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About the Author

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About me

I live in Melbourne, Australia.

As well as writing about Devotional Sex, I am a movie and music enthusiast. 

I am currently doing my bit for the environment and living without a car. Lots of walking, cycling, and some public transport keeps me mobile.

You are welcome to ask me any questions on the Devotional Sex forum here. And if you are in Melbourne I'm happy to meet up in real-life to talk about Devotional Sex - please contact me.

My qualifications for writing about Devotional Sex

I have no formal qualifications for writing a site about sex.

But I have done lots of reading in related areas, spent much time thinking about it, and have experienced many years of living Devotional Sex as well as using it when dating. I have also talked about it far too much with partners and friends.

I am confident that I am now a `world expert´ on Devotional Sex, but you will have to judge me on what I say, not on any formal qualifications.

I will keep learning from my own reading and experiences, and also learn from reader feedback. This site is a work in progress.

For more information about how I developed Devotional Sex, see How Devotional Sex was developed in Chapter 1.

This site is not just about me

Though I practice Devotional Sex, and have done so for many years, I do not claim to be the perfect Knight. The ideas on this site should be judged on their own merit. There are many ways of practicing Devotional Sex, so most will do it differently from me. And I'm sure that some will do it much better than me.

The aim of this site is to include everything that could be enjoyed by couples who practice Devotional Sex. So some of the ideas on this site are things that I have never done and never want to do.


I would very much like to thank my ex who I lived with for ten years. Without her Devotional Sex would never have happened.

I also thank my partners in the short term relationships I have enjoyed over the last few years, and the dates who have been brave enough to try something different.

A special thanks goes to the friends, dates, and partners who have allowed me to publish a real-life story about their Devotional Sex experience with me. I also very much appreciate their having provided a few words for these stories. In particular, Princess Ada has been very brave in allowing me to keep a Blog of some of our activities together.

This site has also been improved thanks to all the feedback, comments, and suggestions I have received from readers. Thanks to all who have contacted me.

And a special thanks to Eloquence Copywriting ( who have proofread and edited some of the pages on this site.

Finally I thank my friends who have put up with me talking about sex far more than is usual.

All these people helped me refine the explanations and terminology used on this site, and thus have all made a significant contribution.

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