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Devotional Trousers

Baggy trousers with the lining of one or both pockets cut out
which are worn by a Knight without underwear:

Him wearing Devotional Trousers enables his Princess to put her hand into his pocket and hold or play with his Desire. She can also have him play with himself.

With only a little care this explicit touching can be enjoyed in places where holding his Desire would normally be impossible.

Being able to touch him whenever she wishes is one of the fun things of enjoying Devotional Sex when alone together at home. Devotional Trousers enable this fun to be taken outside the home.

For a man used to wearing underwear these trousers feel very different as he all 'hangs free'. And a Knight wearing them feels a strong Devotional Dynamic as he never knows when, or if, his Princess will decide to touch him or have him touch himself.

Within what a Knight is willing to allow happen, it is up to his Princess to decide when to touch him or to tell him to touch himself. The Princess also decides when the touching ends.

As part of the fun of this adventure is raising his energy and anticipation for activities later on, a Knight will never ejaculate inside his trousers.

Her hand in his Devotional Trousers

A Princess holding her Knight's erection while sitting outside
- all enabled by him wearing Devotional Trousers.

A kiss in public where she has one hand on his back and the other hand in his pocket would feel incredibly devotional. A cuddle in the park can have him in her hands.

A little bit of bravery from the Princess and she would be able to put her hand on her Knight's naked Desire and balls without things looking too strange for anyone nearby. So with a little practice and growing confidence it would be possible for a Princess to touch her Knight in all sorts of very public places.

If the Knight is sitting down then a table can hide what she is doing.

The Knight having something on his lap, like a sweater or a small bag, is enough to hide what is happening underneath. This would allow a Princess to play with him for longer, and if he gets hard his erection would not be visible.

A rare adventure or a new normal?

For most Devotees their most common activity in bed will be a Devotional Cuddle. Devotional Trousers enable the same connected intimacy of erotic touch to be enjoyed outside the home.

For some couples him wearing Devotional Trousers might be just a rare adventure.

Some Princesses may often ask their Knight to wear Devotional Trouses (she can use the Wish Word "Dress" to have him do this).

And if a Princess really enjoys him wearing Devotinal Trousers she could set it as one of her Preferences for whenever they are out together.

Even if she has him wear them often, how often she touches him or has him play with himself is up to her.

A strong sense of him being hers

When in bed with his Princess a Knight is often erect, and so most of the times she holds his Desire he feels that his energy is flowing out and being accepted by her.

When a Princess holds his Desire and balls and he is not erect he feels her touch very differently - it is her control flowing in and this touch is much more about him feeling hers.

Lots of the touching with Devotional Trousers will be when the Knight isn't erect, so the Knight will feel under her control not only because she had decided to use the pocket and touch him but because of the different feel of her hands on his unaroused Desire.

How she holds can also indicate her feelings and what she wants.

If she cups both his Desire and his balls in her hand there is a strong feeling of 'these are mine'. This hold can also indicade that she doesn't want him to get hard.

If she holds the shaft between her fingers and plays with it then this sends a strong message that she would like it to grow. Of course a touch might start with a cupping of the balls and shaft and then move to encouraging him to grow.

And once he has grown, depending on the circumstance, the couple might then be able to enjoy a Devotional Cuddle - a helpful tablecloth might enable a Devotional Cuddle during pre-dinner drinks, a cuddle in the park can become very Devotional - there are lots of possibilities.

So another reason why Devotional trousers are special is that the dynamic and feel of her touching him is likely to be very different from what usually happens at home. What fun!

Having him touch himself

Devotional Trousers also enable a Princess to have her Knight touch himself whenever she wishes.

She need only say "Play" for him to start touching himself and part of the fun, for both, is that he will keep doing this until she says "Fini".

Playing with himself doesn't necessarily mean he will get hard, so if she wants him to build and maintain high energy she can say "Energize".


How edgy?

Because the Princess decides when to do something,
the play will never be too edgy for her.

So if she doesn't like any of the suggestions on this page then they will never happen.

If her Knight is less adventurous, as long as she doesn't go too far, it could be fun for a Princess to play with her Knight when he feels this is right on his edge. This edge play might lead him to becoming more relaxed about being hers outside of the home.

If her Knight is unwilling to go as far as his Princess wishes he should tell her this, and if necessary say "Pass" to end the activity.


Powerful to have him wear these even if nothing happens

A Princess having her Knight wear these trousers when she thinks she might want to touch him is of course a very exciting adventure for both.

But once a Princess has surprised her Knight by a few very unexpected short touches and/or enjoyed a few times of playing with him to get him fully hard, him being told to wear the Devotional Trousers will be very powerful because he now knows that his Princess really will use the pocket when she wishes.

So her having him wear the trousers even when she thinks she won't use the pocket that outing will create a strong effect on her Knight because he won't know what might happen.

Of course a Princess can change her mind and use her pocket. But even when she doesn't touch him during an outing, him having to wear the trousers will have created a very fun Devotional Dynamic and will have had him feeling hers all the time even though all she did was tell him to wear the trousers.

When you get back home afterwards ...

If the Princess wishes to see what she has been able to touch, then when they get home she can say "Reveal" to have her Knight be naked for her, or "Uncover" to have him just take off his trousers.

Because him being visible at home is such a fitting follow-on to wearing the Devotional Trousers, a Princess might enjoying making it one of her Preferences that he always removes the trousers when he gets home.

Practical matters

When I go out I would like to have one pocket be normal, so my preference would be for my Princess to decide which pocket is for my use and which will be cut and thus be a pocket for her use.

If she prefers to have both pockets cut out then the Knight can carry a small bag to carry what he would otherwise have in his pockets. One advantage of him having this bag is that he can put it on his lap if needed.

Devotional Trousers for those who
don't practice Devotional Sex

Though the ideas of Devotional Trousers arose as an fun activity for couples who practice Devotional Sex, this game can be enjoyed by couples who don't practice Devotional Sex.

In this case the big difference is that the couple will have a 'normal' sex life once they get home.

The Devotional Trousers Game
           (for couples who don't do Devotional Sex) is:


The aim of this website is to improve people's sex lives, so I'm happy for people to enjoy this game even if they never get as far as trying Devotional Sex at home.

If you think this game would be fun, why not suggest it to your partner and see what happens?


Discuss on the forum

I welcome questions, discussion, or stories of real-life experiences here on my forum.

Photos of her hand in his pocket

Taking a photo of her hand in his pocket is the perfect way to capture an intimate Devotional moment.

The explicitness is hidden by the trousers, and even if a selfie is taken it is very easy to not include any faces (as has been done in the photo near the top of this page).

As these photos are not explicit they can be posted into my forum. I hope that one day this topic in the forum will include lots of such photos!


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