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This website is free to view and there is no advertising.

This is because my aim isn't to make money from the few who will pay (for a book, course, or to access a pay-to-view website), but to spread the message of the Joys of Devotional Sex to as many people as I can.

Knowing that I've made a very positive difference to many people's lives is my main reward.

But there are hosting costs, and it has taken many years, and much effort, to develop the ideas of Devotional Sex and to write this website. So this is the one page where I ask you to show your support by making a donation.

Please take a moment to consider how else you spend your money, and what you pay for other pleasures. Has learning about Devotional Sex been equivalent value to you as:

A cup of coffee at a cafe?
A good book?
 An enjoyable night out for two?
 Attending a useful training course?
 Or even a new car?

If you now live or often practice Devotional Sex I'm sure you will agree that the true value of learning about Devotional Sex is far greater than most people will donate. But that's fine as even a small donation is very much appreciated.


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The unfortunate truth is that as, so far, hardly anyone donates, just getting a small donation is a cause for celebration. So please consider making a donation - it will make my day!

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