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A new world of intimacy, passion, and pleasure: 

Devotional Sex is a new sexual technique and lifestyle.

Though it creates a much better sex life for both, and often many more orgasms for her, the most popular main benefit, for both men and women, is the increase in intimacy and connection and thus a better relationship.

Devotional Sex is when HE commits to:

K1:    having far fewer ejaculations than he used to, and letting her (or their agreed Spell) decide when he does so,

K2:    taking primary responsibility for keeping his erotic energy under control,

K3:    fulfilling all her sensual and sexual wishes (within what he is willing to do), and

K4:    openly and honestly communicating with her on all aspects of this lifestyle,
whilst SHE commits to:

P1:    using the control he has given her to enhance HER sensual, sexual, and intimate life,

P2:    enhancing HIS sexual and intimate life so that he is equally happy,

P3:   always respect his arousal, and

P4:   not having him ejaculate at most Sessions.

The 6 page Overview of Devotional Sex for HER explains how these points all work together from her perspective.

The length of this commitment, and how it ends, depends on the Spell which the couple have agreed to do. Rather than always negotiating Spells a couple can choose to Live this way.

I've called a man who is practicing Devotional Sex a Knight because he is honor-bound to keep his commitments and this takes strength. I've called her a Princess because she feels special and she doesn't need to act or feel dominant to have him fulfill her wishes.

Doing Devotional Sex usually leads to a big inequality in activities and orgasms. This is fine because the aim of Devotional Sex is to achieve equality in happiness. Each is devoted to the other and wants to make them happy, which is why I've called the technique Devotional Sex.

The language of Devotional Sex includes many new terms, including special Wish Words.

When doing long Stretches or Living Devotional Sex he only ever ejaculates when with her and when she decides. For most couples this forms a very powerful bond between them which has become an important part of their relationship.

A Princess directs his increased passion and desire into them enjoying a new mix of sensual and sexual activities.

Each couple will enjoy the mix and frequency of sexual activities that works best for them, and thus there is huge variation in what Devotee couples do. But there are some overall trends:
Practicing Devotional Sex changes how he thinks and feels about sex. One of the new joys - for both - is that most Knights come to enjoy giving her oral sex as much as she enjoys receiving it - it becomes a mutual pleasure. Thus, for most couples, this happens more (or even much more) often than the couple have intercourse, and this is why the Devotional Sex logo shows this act.

The other big change from 'normal sex' is that as most Sessions are no longer about him heading towards ejaculation, his focus moves to the pleasures of each moment. And as he wants these moments to last as long as they can he focuses on her pleasure so she doesn't quickly end the Session. As a result sexual activity tends to become slower and more sensual - a step towards Tantra.

It also changes how she thinks and feels about sex, and as a result her sexuality can bloom leading to the big increase in sexual activity and her having many more orgasms than before.

Though he misses out on ejaculations, when he does ejaculate it is much more powerful and pleasurable for him - which makes it more fun for her.

After sex intimacy:
As a Knight usually doesn't ejaculate at the end of a Session, with Devotional Sex it is the man who most wants a cuddle afterwards. So that his erotic energy doesn't feel rejected she will usually gently hold his erection during this cuddle (a Devotional Cuddle).

A Devotional Cuddle after sex ends enables him to direct his still high erotic energy towards intense feelings of intimacy and connection - an emotional orgasm I've called Exaltation. As his energy falls this becomes relaxed intimacy and connection (Adoration).

Thus much of the increase in intimacy and connection happens after the sexual activity ends.

In-between Sessions:
Devotional Sex is a lifestyle because he always carries enough erotic energy to desire his Princess. She can quickly get him hard and eager whenever she wishes, and he will usually get hard every bedtime and morning.

Devotional Sex is a celebration of the erection because his arousal is often enjoyed in-between sessions of sexual activity. Most couples enjoy many bedtimes and mornings where they have a cuddle or a Devotional Cuddle and nothing further happens.

And most couples take this celebration outside the bedroom with Affirmation - spending some time together with him naked and her dressed.

The fun and erotic intimacy of enjoying his arousal in-between full sexual activity is a key part of what makes Devotional Sex feel special to both.


As well as enhancing life within a relationship, Devotional Sex is also wonderful to use when Dating, and it makes it fun and easy for Friends to share some intimacy and sensuality without ever going all the way.

Devotional Sex also provides a platform upon which:

It's different from other techniques:
Devotional Sex isn't living Tantra or Tao because, amongst other things, with Devotional Sex he has given her control over what happens and sex usually ends leaving him with much higher energy than happens with Tantra or Tao.

And it isn't FemDom / BDSM because it's not about dominance, submission, humiliation, or any other kinky activities.


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