Devotional Sex

Types of Session

Devotional Energizer

She gets him energized (and he doesn't do anything to her)
so that he carries the energy afterwards:

This is a Session initiated by the Princess not mainly to give him pleasure but to get him hard and energized so that he carries the energy afterwards.

Usually the Session will only last a minute or two - just enough to get him fully hard and energized. Of course she can have it last a few minutes longer whenever she wishes - he won't mind!

It is a celebration of the Devotional Dynamic as she surprises him by initiating the Session, both enjoy how quickly he responds and gets hard, and her ending the session so quickly makes her control feel very real and then has him remembering what happened and looking forward to their next session.

The Knight enjoys the surprise of the Session starting and the pleasure and excitement of the short Session. And he enjoys the time afterwards with his boosted desire for his Princess. The 'price' he must pay for this is that as usual he doesn't get to Climax and it may be a bit challenging when she ends the Session. But overall he is very happy as the rewards outweigh the price.

This means that his Princess is not denying him. Rather she is pleasing him. Also both are looking forward to their next Session. So in a way rather than ending sex she has paused it until next time.

A Devotional Energizer can be done just before a couple go out together. Doing this just before going out shopping adds a spark and energy to the outing, it will enhance going out for a meal for two, and if visiting friends they may wonder why you seem such a happy couple.

It can also be done just before a couple are about to be apart, such as just before he leaves in the morning - he then carries the energy for the rest of the day.

And she could surprise him when they are out together by finding a place where they have a few minutes of privacy, be it ducking into the bathroom while at a party or taking advantage of no-one else being about during a nature walk.

To get him energized the Princess can give him a Desire Kiss, some Desire Play, or tell him to Energize himself.

The feel and dynamic is different for each. Which she decides to do is part of the art of Devotional Sex.


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