Devotional Sex

Types of Session

Focussed Sex

Sexual activity which takes your full attention:

The activity may have your full attention because it is very active, or it may be slow and have high erotic energy and / or high connection.

So this is the usual 'having sex' and it is Devotees also doing lots of Social Activities which is less usual.

Part of the fun of the Princess having control over what happens is that when doing some Social Activities, such as Affirmation while watching TV, at any time, such as during an ad break, she can start to actively play with him or say "Energize" so that he energizes himself.

It is possible to spend some time with him being Focussed while she is also doing something else. For example while she watches TV she might actively play with him or have him give her a long Pleasure Kiss. In this case she could become focussed during the ad breaks and then return to watching the show and keeping him energized after the ads.


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