Devotional Sex

How Often does a Knight Ejaculate?

Him Lasting Much Longer

Some couples may feel that the longer he lasts the better.

But before deciding to go lots longer than I recommend here, consider the following:

Getting used to your average
The most intense and challenging times for a Knight are when he goes longer than usual. Thus it can be fun for both when an experienced 40 year old Knight whose usual is 7 days has to last 11 days.

Those who enjoy this higher energy might start to have have him last 11 days much more often, so that his average goes from 7 days up to say 10.

The problem with doing this is that his mind and body soon get used to the 10 day average, and when he gets used to the new higher average then at 10 days his energy level will be about the same as it was before at 7 days. So to get him very energized he now has to go for 14 days or longer.

Keeping his average close to what I recommend means that it is easier to go longer than average and enjoy him with higher than usual energy.

Another reason why a Knight may want to last for much longer is that he enjoys feeling Enlivened and doesn't like the time after an ejaculation when he feels flat and unenergized.

I've found that after a very long Season it takes longer to rebuild my energy, but my recovery time is quicker when my average isn't as long.


Keeping him energized
When doing any of the Experienced Spells (which have the Princess deciding when her Knight will Climax) part of the excitement for a Knight is not knowing whether or not a Session will end with him Climaxing or not. If his average is 7 days then most Seasons will be 5 to 9 days, with a few being less than 5 days and few longer than 9. So it is only the first few days where her having him Climax is unlikely, and from say day 4 onwards he never knows what will happen.

Though he knows that he might get to ejaculate, he is still in The Zone because he isn't expecting to Climax.

So the possibility adds energy and excitement but when his Princess ends a Session without him Climaxing neither feel that she is denying him because this is what he expected to happen.

If his average is lots longer than I recommend then there is a lot more time when he is pretty sure that he won't be ejaculating and thus there is less excitement and less energy.

With a longer Season his mind and body may get so used to not ejaculating that his energy calms and as his background energy falls this is moving away from The Zone of Devotional Sex towards Tantra and Tao.


Ejaculations are still good
Not ejaculating as often as usual is a cost for a Knight which enables him to enjoy the many benefits which flow from Devotional Sex. But ejaculating is not bad. In fact one of the benefits of Devotional Sex is that when he does ejaculate it is more powerful and pleasurable than before.

Longer Seasons than I recommend mean having fewer of these more powerful ejaculations.


Prostate Health
A massive scientific study has found that men who ejaculate often have a lower risk of getting prostate cancer. As my recommendations are long enough to fully benefit from doing Devotional Sex it may be healthier not to last lots longer.


As always you should do what works best for you and your partner. So it is up to each couple to weigh up each of these points, perhaps to do some experimentation, and to then enjoy.

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